Just A Walk In The Park

06 Nov

I love dogs. They’ve always been a part of my life. To this day, running around my house are two of the most adorable dogs. One is an 8 year-old cross breed Shih-Tzu/Poodle (thus Shit-Poo :p) and another one is our 6 month-old baby, a Yorkshire Terrier.

Lexi and Chicklet

My husband and I always make it a point to have regular dog days with our ‘babies’. It’s like going to the mall with your kids — all basic necessities on hand — and allowing them run around as much as they can until they get tired.

Here’s a list of those necessities?

1. Drinking Water
2. Feeding Bowl – I used to use microwavable take out plastic containers
3. Treats – to keep them busy
4. A small amount of dog food – in case the day extends to their meal time
5. Lots and lots of old plastic bags – to pick up poop :p
6. Comb and extra hair ties

Just like kids, a day out with them won’t be complete if they don’t bring home anything. So what did Mommy end up buying? Lots and lots of useful stuff from Hobbes and Landes. Talk about spoiling your kids!

1. Don Don Foldable Bowl
Don Don Foldable Bowl

Don Don Foldable Bowl

These foldable bowls are lightweight and stores flat.  They can be used for both water and treats.

I found them so cute and useful that I ended up getting one for a dear friend as well 🙂

2. Bamboo Silicone Travel Bowl – 1 cup

Bamboo Silicone Travel Bowl

when flat

Bamboo Travel Bowl Open

when pushed open

These Silicone travel bowls are made of durable, non-porous materials. The special collapsible design folds down to less than 1/2”!  Ain’t that great!?! It fits perfectly in my jeans’ back pocket!

3. Bamboo Small Dog Slicker/Bristle Brush and Combs

bamboo brush

My husband and I were searching for the perfect brush for our Yorkie when we saw this brush-and-comb in one.  It offers four essential grooming items in one grooming tool.  How cool is that?  Both the flea and fine combs are slipped into the brush, ensuring that they are kept handy at all times.

It comes in different cute colors but decided to get it in green.

4. Bamboo Nail Clipper

bamboo nail clipper

Dogs need their nails trimmed regularly so instead of bringing them to the vet and pay a fee, I decided to just get them their own nail clipper (warning : read on how to trim your dog’s nails first before doing it yourself!).

This 3-in-1 pedicure set has stainless steel blades and cushioned, non-slip grip. Styptic dispenser with nail file conveniently stores in the handle.

It’s amazing how nail clippers for dogs have evolved from the really basic metal ones to this! I got it in pink!

5. Metallic Red Ribbon Clip

Metallic Red RibbonTied Hair

My husband would always say that I’m an example of a perfect customer.  I always end up buying items which are displayed by the counter of a bookstore, the grocery or a novelty shop.

That’s why my Yorkie ended up having this cute red ribbon by the end of the day.  Don’t you think she lookes lovely?

I know I’ve spent a lot this weekend… but who cares! I totally had a great time with my husband and our two kids 🙂


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2 responses to “Just A Walk In The Park

  1. myra

    November 8, 2009 at 1:54 am

    Hahahaha ohmygod i’m stitches over the word “Shit-poo”…is that for real?!

    • Lexi Chick

      November 9, 2009 at 12:22 pm

      Haha! I’m not sure if it’s a real “acceptable” term but she really is a Shit-poo breed. Haha!


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