My Birth Month

17 Nov

I loooove the month of October … MY BIRTH MONTH! – which means, I get to celebrate my birth not just for a day but for the whole month! Beat that!


And what makes my birth month extra special?  It’s the well-thought-of gifts you receive from your loved ones and close friends.


As kids, we all wanted to receive a lot of gifts — I’m sure you can relate.  It’s all about quantity!  But as years go by, you realize that it’s not really the quantity. It’s how much effort your family and friends put in to give you what you need or even just what you want.

Let’s see what I got this year 🙂

1. Skull Candy Hesh (from my sweet Husband)


I’m a sucker for cute things.  As long as it’s cute, SOLD!


That explains why I just had to have this Skull Candy Hesh in red with zebra stripes. I’ve begged my husband to give me these earphones for the longest time (I can’t even remember when I started asking for it) and I’m happy he finally gave in (same way he gave in to getting me my Yorkie)! What a great surprise!

They’re perfect for watching my TV series in my iPod.  Total silence from the external world! *Bliss*


2. Mango / MNG Patent Bag (from my dear dear Daddy)



Don’t they always say that mommy knows best?  I think they’re wrong! For me, it’s both my Mom and my Dad who know best. They just know what I love and exactly what I want.
This year, my Dad got me a Black Patent bag from Mango! Isn’t it a beauty? I just love it!
Thanks Dad!

3. Topshop by Kate Moss top (from a very sweet close friend)

o's gift 


This is a gift from a very dear friend.  I got it just in time to wear to an event!  Perfect! 

Don’t you just love having fashionista friends?  Without asking, they simply know what to get you for your birthday!  She knows your style, your size and what you have in your closet to match it with!  Not much thinking left for you to do when you finally plan to wear it huh? 


What did I wear it with?  My Mango Zippered Skirt and DESÙ Black Gladiator Heels 

mango black skirt

Mango Black Zippered Black Skirt *Image from

DESÙ Black Gladiator Heels

DESÙ Black Gladiator Heels

Again, thanks for making my birth-month extra special!


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2 responses to “My Birth Month

  1. elaine

    November 17, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    I loooove the Mango patent bag!!!! I waaaant one too! Ops.

    • Lexi Chick

      November 17, 2009 at 10:37 pm

      Oh boy! It’s one of the best bags I’ve ever had! My things stay organized, it can carry A LOT and the patent material doesn’t scratch easily 🙂


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