Little Black Skirts

27 Jan

They say that a little black dress is a must in every girls closet. I have to agree with that. You’ll never know when you’ll need it and trust me when I say, you’ll never find that perfect Little Black Dress in the mall when you need it!

For me, the same thing goes for Little Black Skirts. I just can’t get enough of them. Different cuts, different designs, different lenghts, they’re all worth having.

These are my latest good buys of black skirts for the past few months. I think I’ll stop hoarding for now…

Black Skirt # 1 – from Zara (P1550)

There are certain clothes you see on the racks, instantly, your brain starts working on what to wear with it. This is how I felt when I saw this skirt. 🙂 It may not suit everyone but I just love it!  Loose shirt + Boyfriend Blazer + skirt = CUTE!

Black Skirt # 2 – from Mango (P1450)

Mango Zippered Black Skirt



I just had to get it when my friend O told me how much of a good buy it is! Yes, that’s how easy it is to convince me when it comes to shopping. Geez!

Black Skirt # 3 – from Kamiseta (P899 plus 10% discount for Kamiseta cardholders)

With its price, need I say more? The cute zipper accent at the back added extra oomph to this skirt — I still can’t believe how cheap I got it for!

Black Skirt # 4 – from an online store (P650)



This skirt is cute, cute, cute! I love the cut, the cloth, and the length — perfect! Even if it’s a little loose on the waist, I love how comfortable and fab it feels when I’m wearing it. I can wear it with my top tucked or just left untucked for that relaxed feel. It even has side pockets without the extra bulge on the side!

Such a great buy huh?

Don’t you just love the thought of having a lot of black skirts just waiting to be picked up from your closet for your next night out with friends? 😀

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