Loot #4 : Glittery Electra

04 Aug

Do you sometimes find yourself buying different colors of something you love?  Jeans, shirts, accessories, shoes, flipflops?  I do 🙂
That was what happened to me when I fell in love with my first Fitflop late last year.  I have to say, they are the MOST comfortable flipflop I’ve ever had!  I tested its comfort for one whole day when we were in Singapore and I was surprised that my feet didn’t complain AT ALL!  I’m quite impressed!

Thus the birth of my second pair 🙂  the brown Electra.  :*)



Same comfort, cute design.  Again, exercise while shopping — what more can you ask for?  🙂

Ps.  There are a lot of fake Fitflop coming out right now and it’s sad that some people are actually buying them.  The fake ones don’t give you the same support, comfort and benefits as the real one.  Don’t be fooled!  Know the difference!  Please don’t buy fakes!

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Posted by on August 4, 2010 in Goodie Bag


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