Me and My Fun Cameras…

07 Apr

What is the best way to capture life’s memories?  What else but thru a camera!

I’ve always loved taking photos (and being in them as well, haha!). That’s why the very first gift I received from my husband when we got married was a Canon Ixus 850 IS.

Oh boy! Do I looooove this camera. I never left home without it!  This camera has been with me for almost 5 years and it’s still performing the same way as the first day I got it — except for the power button which I think will give up on me soon :(!  I can leave home without my wallet but not without my camera.  No.  No.  No.

My first point and shoot camera

That marked the start of my addiction to cameras.

It got worse when my friend, M, showed me her Holga (a Lomo/Lomography camera).  A bright red, toy looking camera which shoots fascinating and fun photos ?  Why not!?!?  A cute camera?  All the more, I have to get one! — yes, I’m the best example of a perfect consumer.  I’ll buy anything that’s “cute”!

So after months of convincing my husband to get me one, he finally gave in.  Thus, my own red Holga camera was born 🙂  Happiness!

Me and My Holga

Here are a few of my photos using my Holga.  You just never know how the photos would come out 🙂

My addiction didn’t stop there!  After a few years and a few photos from my Holga, M (yes, it’s M again!) showed me her new toy!  An Instax Mini 7 this time!  Waaaa!  I immediately fell in love with it!  Who wouldn’t want a tiny, cute (yes, cute again!) polaroid camera?  Photos in an instant!  I just knew I wanted one.

Me and M

Again, after months of bugging my husband to get me one, he finally said yes.  Yehey!  Instax Mini 25, here I coooome!  Look at all the fun photos I’ve taken with it.  No viewing, no correcting, no retakes…  just keep-on-smiling-and-pray-that-you-look-good-in-the-photo 🙂  I’m totally having fun with it!

Now, after a few months of enjoying (and still enjoying) my Instax Mini, I’m ready to move on to my next fun camera 🙂  Clue : Lomography+Mini and I’m naming it “Princess“.  Can’t wait to receive it!  Happiness!

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