Summer has officially begun!

14 Apr

I always consider my husband and I extreme weather lovers. We both enjoy going to the beach and being under the sun the whole day (Oh boy! Dark spots, please stay away!!!) but we also love the cold weather (Winter collection, here I cooooome!).

Each year, we try our best to make it a point to go on trips where we can either enjoy the heat of the sun or where it’s cold enough for me wear my winter outfits (haha!). So when I found myself purchasing my summer supply of dark tanning lotion (Yes, I prefer to be tanned than white!), I knew that our summer has officially begun!

I’ve tried quite a few dark tanning lotions and sprays through the years. So this year, I opted to try something new 🙂 It’s going to be a combination of Beach Hut’s Tan and Protect Dry Oil (SPF15) and Hawaiian Tropic’s Tanning Lotion Sunscreen (SPF6).

Will the SPF numbers add up to SPF21? 😀

Let’s see how effective they are in helping me get my perfect tan! 🙂  I can’t wait!

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