Top 5 Things I Want for 2011!

10 Jun

I’m sure all of us have our little (or big) WANTS each year.  Sometimes, we manage to get them, while for others, they remain a WANT for life.  😀

So here’s my list:

Want #1 – iPad2

Who wouldn’t want one?  I’m sure 80%-90% of the population would want to have an iPad or any other tablet PC.  It’s quite an expensive WANT (especially if you’re a shopaholic who can’t seem to keep her funds intact.  Uh.  Oh!  Guilty!) but we’ll see 😀

Want #2 – Blackberry Torch

I was happy with my Blackberry Bold 9700 until I saw my husband’s Blackberry Torch!  Touch screen and keypad in one?  What more can I ask for?!?  After a few weeks of swooning over it, I gave in and got mine 🙂

* photo from

Want #3 –  Diana+Mini (aka Princess)

First it was a Red Holga Lomo camera, then came my Instax Mini 25 — but when I saw the Diana+Mini, I immediately knew that my Holga and Instax cameras need a new sister in the family.  Good thing I was able to convince my husband to get me one 🙂  Princess is now a part of my travel bag.

* photo from

Want #4 – Cruiser Bike

I currently have my own yellow mountain bike.  I’ve had it for years.  No complaints about it as I’m quite comfortable riding it — but wouldn’t it be much better, more fun and more fashionable if I had a cruiser bike instead?  A purple cruiser bike?  Ooooh!  Lovely! *dreamy eyes*

* photo from

Imagine it with Lexi‘s basket in front.  Lovely!  It’s more girly… more me!  So Hon, you know what’s next in your gift list for me.  *wink wink* 😉

Want #5 – TBD (To be Determined)

I’m saving this spot for something really nice and special.  I still have 6 months to go to fill in this spot and complete my Top 5 list.  No rush.  Who knows!  It might be something big! 😉

Let’s see by January 2012, which among these WANTS became mine *dreamy eyes*

How about you?  Do you have a list?

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