Beauty Classes with MUD

29 Jul
Beauty Classes with MUD

Learning how to put on my own make-up has always been a part of my list of To Dos. These classes are either too expensive for me to afford or classes are held on a weekday.

Good thing, last June, my dear friend, Donna, left a message on my Facebook wall informing me of MUD‘s Personal Make-up class being offered at a discounted rate of PhP3000 from Php7000. Woohoo! More than 50% off? Why not!

On July 3 (Sunday) from 10am-6pm, along with my friend, Elaine, we took the class hoping and wishing that we’ll get our money’s worth!

First up, how to fix/shape/clean your own eyebrows. I made sure I didn’t clean my eyebrows as I really wanted to learn how to do this myself. I made the right decision! I had the ugliest and unshaped eyebrows in class that day! (Without me, there would have been no model for this lesson!) Haha!

Myr did one of my brows to demonstrate how it should be done, then I did the other. Pressure. Pressure! I had to make sure I get it right, OR ELSE! Aaack!

I would like you to meet my ugly eyebrows. Haha!

* photo by Elaine 🙂

Here’s Elaine, fixing her own eyebrows…

Full concentration...

Next, choosing and identifying the right shade of foundation for your skin.

Myr helped each one of us identify the right foundation shade for our skin tone. Apparently, all the items I have been using were just good primers. As recommended for my skin tone, MUD‘s YG2 shade + my own Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.

Finally! The right foundation for me!!! -- and I love my stainless steel palette and spatula 🙂

Right foundation, CHECK! Next, how to apply it on your face.

Myr showed us how to put on the foundation using the different tools we had on hand. Pros and cons of each tool were explained to us as well. Sponge… Brush… And of course, my new best friend (as well as Elaine’s), The Beauty Blender!

Aside from it being pink and cute, it really helps you put on your foundation evenly. It’s foolproof!

After we were done in creating the perfect canvass with the right foundation, day and night (take note:smokey eyes, coolness!) make-up was next.

Who would have thought I’d be able to wear green eyeshadow?

Notice the false eyelashes I had on? I was able to put them on myself! *proud* I love falsies! I think it helps make my chinky eyes look bigger! What do you think?

Elaine and I were pretty satistfied with the class. Aside from it being a small class (we were just 10), we were asked to bring our own make-up so that we’ll be able to identify which ones were suited for our skin type. No hidden agendas. No sales talk. Just pure learning. This class was sooo worth it!

Ps. Check out my photo below, 6 hours after my class. My make-up was still intact. No oiliness. No touch-ups. Amazing! 😀

With my dear husband 🙂

You can check out Elaine’s thoughts about the class, here 🙂 — we pretty said the same thing 🙂

To inquire about the MUD make-up classes, MUD make-up and The Beauty Blender, you may reach Purbeauty at 846-9016 or visit them at 2nd floor, Serendra.

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  1. elaine natividad

    July 31, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    Natawa naman ako sa “full concentration” photo ko. Haha!


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