My Own Make-up Artist Kit

31 Jul

I’ve always wanted to learn how to put on my own make-up. So last July 3, I took up MUD‘s personal make-up class (see previous entry here).

Learning was one thing, having the right tools like make-up and brushes is another.

So when Myr (class instructor) introduced NYX make-up to the class, I knew I just had to have it! I was doubly convinced about the brand when I saw how Myr’s eyeshadow lasted the whole day without the need for a retouch!

She recommended that I get the NYX Make-up Artist Kit as the colors are nice and usable and it’s pretty affordable. With my luck, it was out of stock during that time. Bummer! So I had to wait… Wait… Wait…


After a few weeks of patiently waiting… Today… my very own kit has arrived! Happiness! Yehey!

It was like I was moving in slow-mo with fireworks in the background when I was opening the box (Don’t deny it! I’m sure most of you know how this feels!). Then, TADAAAA! It was colors, colors, colors everywhere! Haaay… *faints*


Next thought bubble? Uhm… Which is which and what is what? Huh? Good thing I flipped the box over and saw this 🙂 Whew!


Eyes, cheeks, nose, lips — they’ve got it all covered! It even comes with the basic applicators. How great is that?

Here’s a closer look at the colors. They’re so puurrrty!


Can’t wait to get your hands on your own kit? You can get it for Php2295 from Purbeauty, 2nd floor, Serendra.

Warning : Good luck on your wallets and credit cards when you visit Purbeauty. It’s pure make-up heaven!

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