My Team…

21 Sep

I have to say, I really love these guys (same way as I have loved and still love my past teams).  I’m one proud Mommy if I can put it that way.  They’re all experts in their own roles and really reliable.

Last August 25, my team and I went out for lunch.  It was ‘sort of’ my last team lunch with them. 😦  It is what we fondly call “HAPPY LUNCH” wherein we just pig-out.

We took the Araneta shuttle going to Ali Mall.  It was my first time to take the shuttle.  It was quite slow (I almost fell asleep, haha!) but it was a fun experience!


Lunch was at Savory and we ordered a lot of food!  I would like to believe that the food we ordered filled up their growling tummies!  Ang tatakaw ng mga ito eh! :p

Then as we were about to end our happy lunch, these kids of mine surprised me with a bag filled with loot!

I love surprises!

First, a charm bracelet which is sooo perfect for me.  I have a feeling with prayers and this lucky charm bracelet, my ultimate wish will be granted… SOON! *happiness*

I pray that my ultimate wish comes true 🙂

Second, a book which I’ve been eyeing for the longest time.  Gabriella Pierce’s 666 Park Avenue.  Each time we’ll drop by Fully Booked to destress, I’ll pick up this book and read the summary (even if I’ve already read it a million times!) *happiness again!*

Aside from the nice cover design and interesting summary, this is what caught my eye…  Interesting…

Interesting huh? 🙂

And last, but definitely not the least… a notebook filled with short messages from each one of them…  deeply touching 🙂 *happiness again and again plus tears of joy*

I was deeply touched with the messages...

I will definitely miss working with these guys.  I may have moved out from the team but they’ll always be my ‘kids’ whom I’ll always be proud of 🙂

FY11 ERP Team

To my ERP team, you guys ROCK! Continue to make me proud!  Thank you for a great FY11!

You may also get 666 Park Avenue from  Click the image below 🙂


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