Snail Mail from Seatmate :)

21 Sep

With the advancement in technology, sending someone a letter via snail mail is almost not an option nowadays…

… but there is only one person in my life today who still takes time to send me snail mails…  she’s no other than my Seatmate!  🙂

Today, I got this in my mailbox…  🙂

I smiled seeing Seatmate's name on the return address... I smiled even more seeing the photos of the little boy 🙂

You're welcome, Seatmate!

Here are more photos of this cute little boy, as well as my fabulously looking Seatmate 🙂

First photo I received of Rocco. Definitely good news!

Look at that big smile!


My fabulous Seatmate whom I miss sooo much!

Don’t you think he’s the cutest newborn ever?  Look at that nose!  Look at those eyes!  I can’t believe a newborn can look this goooood! He’s definitely heaven sent!

Welcome to our crazy world, Rocco!  I’m one proud Tita!  🙂  Tight hugz and kisses!

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Posted by on September 21, 2011 in Cheers to Friendship, Life's Good!


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