I’m Not Spoiled, I’m Just Well-Loved :)

23 Sep

My birthday is fast approaching and I can almost feel it!

Last week, I got an early birthday gift from my dear friend, Spam (read blog entry here) then this week, I got my first gift from my dearest husband!  Yipeeyayay!!!

What is it?  Read on…

I initially wanted the Sperry Angelfish Slip-On Boat Shoe when I saw it in Shoe Salon last week (the problem of working near the mall!), I love the color and how girly it looks.  When I tried it on, it was comfortable enough.  Thought bubble, I like it.  I want it. 😉

But when I saw the Sebago Bala on the Sebago‘s store window this week, I almost fainted!  I immediately went in, tried it on and I heard angels sing in the background — that is how comfortable and soft it is!  Heavenly!

So here is a photo of the actual gift dear husband gave me…. A pair of super duper comfortable Sebago Bala in taupe suede and white!  Haaay… *dreamy eyes*

What's not to love?

Of course, shopping wouldn’t be complete without a little online research (yes, I research on stuff, just out of curiousity, teehee!) and look at what I found!

Kate Middleton looks fab and the Sebago Bala must be her favorite shoes!





* photos from,,

Trivia : After Kate Middleton was seen wearing the Sebago Bala, Sebago sold around 700 pairs in one week!  Imagine?!?!  The taupe suede and white, which I got, is currently out of stock in the US and others are selling it at double the price!  Funny that I was able to get a pair here in Manila.  Maybe I should hoard all the available stocks here and sell it at double the price! 🙂

Anyway, people would usually say that I’m spoiled becuase I usually get what I want.  I beg to disagree — I’m not spoiled.  I’m just well-loved *wink! wink!*

Thanks Hon for my early birthday gift!  I love it!

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