Death by Sambokojin x-)

28 Sep

Last August 26, my husband and I decided to try out Sambokojin along Edsa. It was a rainy-bum-around long weekend and we didn’t have anything much better to do but eat. So Sambokojin was definitely a good option.

When we got there, the place was packed! I guess everyone was having a rainy-bum-around day as well 🙂 We waited for 30 minutes to get a table (good thing we weren’t hungry yet and we were working up an appetite) and I can say, it was definitely worth the wait!

The buffet selection was great, the quality was awesome and most of all, they were using smokeless grills so I didn’t have to worry about leaving the restaurant smelling like food (ugh!).

Look at how yummy they look! Wait til you taste them!


After... Yummeh!

Don’t forget to make use of their sauces! They make the food yummier!

* excuse the messy containers as I took the photos after using them all up! 😀

Don’t ever ever forget to grab at least a piece of their freshly cooked TEMPURA! Oh so yummy! More of the shrimp, less of the batter. Just the way we like it!

My husband chowed down 6 pieces, 10 pieces, 15 pieces (what the heck, it was A LOT!) of it for d-e-s-s-e-r-t!

And last, but not the least, the REAL dessert …

Just a few of what was available. They also serve Big Scoop ice cream!


We were so happy that we had to share it with our families — which meant that we were back again in 2 days, August 28…

…. then again the following Sunday, September 4 😀

That makes it three visits in 10 days! FATINESS ALERT — but who cares, our tummies were extremely happy 🙂 Can’t wait for our next pig-out session!

Ps. Deciding whether to go for Sambokojin or Yakimix? If you’ll ask me, I’d go for Sambokojin anytime! Goodbye Yakimix!

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