Day 6 : Childhood Memory

06 Oct

How perfect can the timing of this challenge be? Today is my birthday and it is the best time to reminisce about my childhood XX years ago 😉

I really had a super duper great (get the picture? haha!) childhood. Being the youngest, I was showered with love from both my parents and my siblings (aka spoiled) — so I don’t think this single blog entry will be sufficient for me to put all of my great childhood memories in 🙂

So I’ll limit this entry to 3 😀

First, one of my favorite photos when I was around 4-5 years old. I was on my new bike (from Mommy and Daddy, of course) with one of my older sisters standing right beside me. See the huge teddy bear in the photo? That was mine too! 😉


* No photo effects used on this photo (except for the label). It really looks old. Haha!

Second, my nursery uniform. I studied in Mother Goose Nursery which was just next to our village. A trusted tricycle driver would pick me up and drop me off on a daily basis. How convenient and safe life used to be. 🙂


And last, remember my old post about my Popples (read it here)?


Sundays used to be mall time for the whole family and my parents would buy me whatever my little heart desires.

From Polly Pockets, Cabbage Patch Kids, My ‘Lil Pet Shop to Barbie dolls (never had Barbie’s doll house tho :p )… name it, I think my dear parents bought it for me! Teehee 🙂

That’s the reason why I’ll forever be grateful to my parents for giving my siblings and I the most comfortable life I could ever imagine while growing up.


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