Day 13 : From A Distance

14 Oct

Funny how true friendship continues to grow despite the distance…

Tonight, my office friends and I decided to converge at Fat Michael’s in Ortigas to have a night filled with laughter and food (5 taco bowls plus others to be exact). Some came from Mandaluyong, while others came from Makati and Commonwealth. Wow!


*don’t you just love how homey the restaurant looks? I LOVE IT!

Here are my office friends whom I call the “Happy Gang”. Whenever I’m with these guys, I laugh, I rant, I laugh, I laugh, I laugh. Get the picture?

These friends can definitely lighten every burden I encounter at work and makes sure that they make the sun shine brighter. We can even argue at work but when it’s time for lunch or a quick coffee break, our friendship emerges and we just have fun 🙂


More fun photos with my PopBooth 🙂


Eventhough some have already moved on and changed employers, I believe that there is no distance too far between friends 🙂


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