Day 16 : What I Ate

17 Oct

Oh my! I fell asleep due to overeating yesterday! I think I gained 2lbs on a single day (which took me like 1 month to lose! Pfft!).

Here’s what I ate…


Burp! Excuse me.

Can I just say that this was one of the yummiest children’s party I’ve ever attended?


There were yummy food carts all over! Starbucks, Pot Dog, Waffle Time, Selecta, Candy Corner, Fruit Magic, Potato Corner and more! And to top it all off, buffet by Florabel! So yummy!


After hearing mass, my husband and I decided to have another yummy dinner at my happy resto, Chili’s!

We consumed the coupon they sent me for my birthday — FREE buffalo wings! Yehey!


So this is what we ended up having for dinner…


Cream of clam chowder, buffalo wings and queso skillet with tortilla chips! So yummy!!!

Don’t you think they have a good marketing strategy in having you eat in their restaurant? 🙂

Now, gotta get back to my diet! *PANIC*


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