Clearer and Brighter

04 Nov

I’m sure a lot of my friends are not aware that I wear prescription glasses. I do! I got my very first glasses last 2001 but I wore it only a few times. Wearing glasses need a little getting used to.

Last year, when I started getting dizzy for no reason at all, I decided that it was really time for me to wear glasses. So I got a new pair of maroon/red rimmed Ray-Ban glasses. At first it was ok until I realized that the more I wear it, the more I get dizzy. You know what happened next… :p


A few days ago, I decided to have my lenses re-assessed and I was informed that the grade of my lenses are incorrect (insert duh-ness here). I immediately had it changed (thanks to Executive Optical. You rock!) and now, I can wear my glasses the whole day without seeing double! Yipee!

Since I can now fully utilize my glasses, I decided to get a new pair last weekend (reasons! reasons!)! This is what I got 🙂 Ray-Ban New Wayferer! Happiness! I totally love it!


Now, my world is a whole lot brighter! 🙂

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