Day 18 : In My Bag

14 Nov

I’m back! I knooow! I’m super delayed with my 30-day photo challenge but I’m back for good and I’m back to complete this challenge (good luck!). My friends, Elaine and Aia have already finished theirs, so I have to finish mine as well (pressure! pressure!)

I have actually prepared my post for Day 18 and believe it or not, forgot to publish it! Insert duh-ness here! Haha!

So today, I opted to change the content of my post from the usual “what’s-inside-my-everyday-bag” to something which just happened a few days ago…

Last November 5, my husband and I left for China to attend my brother-in-law’s wedding. Obviously, on the night of November 4, we had to pack our luggages!

So what was in my luggage on the night of the 4th? Take a wild guess… 😀


Aaaawww… Lexi jumped inside my luggage and stayed there until I told her that we’ll be back in a few days…

Ps. If only I could bring her with me, I would have! She was really sad that we were leaving her behind (pets really feel this, I don’t know how, but they do!).


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2 responses to “Day 18 : In My Bag

  1. barbie

    November 16, 2011 at 9:14 pm

    taffy so loves to do this too . . . harder to leave =(


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