Cruising Through 2012

06 Jan

Well, this blog entry won’t be the usual list of my 2012 resolutions (as I never get to keep them, pfft! So why even bother! Haha!) but it will “feature” my weekend companion for the rest of 2012 🙂

Tadaaaa! My surprise Christmas gift from my husband! Woohooooo! I was sooo happy when he brought me to the corner behind the Christmas tree where he hid my new White Giant Suede W cruiser bike (don’t ask me how I wasn’t able to see a big bike hidden behind the Christmas tree — talk about a girl who seems to be walking around with horse blinders, except when she’s inside the mall, haha!)

Guys, meet CALLI 🙂

So the following Saturday, my husband and I went for a bike run! My first time to actually bike on the busy roads of our neighborhood (my husband used to load my bike in the car, drive somewhere with less cars, and that’s where I safely bike around, hehe!)! It was scary biking alongside cars and crazy jeepneys but it was F-U-N!!!

Calli on her first bike run 🙂

Life has definitely been good to me, filled with laughter and happiness. 2011 was definitely one of my best years, professionally and personally 🙂 I thank the Lord for that 😉

Oh! Remember my blog entry about the Top 5 4 Things I Want for 2011? — it was more of just the top 4 things as I wasn’t able to fill in the 5th item — I GOT ALL 4! Yey! Which makes me think, maybe I should have filled up the 5th slot with “you-know-what” (my close friends would know what this is). I could have gotten it! Tsk! Tsk! 😦

Come to think of it, I think I’ll really just cruise through 2012 🙂 Now, to create my top 5 list for 2012…

Ps. My in-laws told me that I shrieked louder than my husband’s nephews when I saw my bike. Imagine a little girl who just got her first Barbie doll 😉 Teehee!


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2 responses to “Cruising Through 2012

  1. m

    January 8, 2012 at 3:28 am

    Wheeeee!!! You finally got it! 😀 😀

    • Lexi Chick

      January 9, 2012 at 4:02 pm

      Yesss! I FINALLY GOT IT! Happiness! 🙂


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