Opus Night Out

14 Mar

I don’t drink. Yes, I’m a dork like that and I’m not shy to admit it 🙂

Ok, I used to but after knowing how it feels to be drunk and after throwing up big time in 2003, i just vowed never to drink again. The vanity side of me also refuses to drink as I really turn maroon red everytime I drink. So obviously, it wont look good on photos. Thus, I’d rather be a dork on night outs than look red and ugly on photos :p

But last Friday night was an exception as husband dear’s cousin from the US was in Manila for the weekend. We had dinner at Crisostomo (which was yummy, btw!) then off to Opus for a chill out night.

No, I didn’t drink a lot, no thanks — but I gave in to a glass of watered/iced down Baileys (which is one of the drinks I can tolerate and enjoy) and a shot of the famous Patron.


I didn’t get drunk but after that shot of Patron, it felt like all my nerves died. Sheesh!

It was indeed a fun and just plain chillin’ out night with family at Resorts World Manila 🙂


Ps. My first reaction when I entered Opus — “Oh! So this is Opus! This is how it looks like!” Teehee… I should go out more often… 😀

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