Sharpie Is LOVE!

23 Mar

I’m a frustrated artist. I know deep inside, the creative side of me is waiting to come out. I just know it! As to when it will come out, I don’t know. Hopefully in this lifetime. Haha!

I’ve come to know Sharpie (in color black) through my husband as we used to use it in marking our clothes for laundry with our initials when we first got married. Then, a friend of mine (Thanks Cat!), introduced me to colored Sharpies (duhness for me not knowing they come in different colors!) and I immediately knew I had to get my own set!

So here are the two sets I currently have 🙂 Fine Point and Ultra Fine Point. Yipeeyayaaaaay!


Now, to start working on my Wreck This Journal (Yes, I haven’t touched it yet. Hehe!) and my other ‘creative’ projects 😀

Sharpie is distributed by Star Paper Corporation here in the Philippines. You can purchase them from bookstores like National Bookstore 🙂

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