Let’s Accessorize!

24 Apr

I love accessories! My husband would always tell me that if I get to sell back all the accessories I have, I would have enough money to buy myself a good carat diamond jewelry — yes, I think I have that much 😀 Eeeps!

Nonetheless, I’m happy with them. I just want to make sure I have the right accessory whenever I need it. As they all say, girls can’t have enough shoes or clothes… same thing goes with accessories! Agree? AGREE!

And whenever I travel, I plan out my clothes, shoes and yes, even my accessories. I make sure I bring all of them with me and I match it based on what I plan to wear for the day 😀

So during the last Holy Week long weekend, here were the accessories I brought with me and ended up wearing… I’m sure you have noticed that these are my favorite pieces right now 😀


Top (L-R) Cotton On Beaded bracelets with charms (charms not seen on the photo, ooops!), My favorite reminder bracelets.

Bottom (L-R) ASOS Brown Satchel, mix and match reminder bracelets, Promod brown fedora hat, my favorite neon orange/zebra Swatch.

I really have to stop buying accessories… Good luck to me!  Eeeps!

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