051812 Nokia Lumia Launch

23 May

Last Friday, my husband and I got invited to attend the launch of the Nokia Lumia (Lumianation – Club Experience In A New Light) at BHS Central. With nothing else better to do on a Friday night (as we usually just stay home on Friday nights, tsk tsk, old bones!), we decided to just go and PARTEEEH — for a change.

It rained a bit at the start of the night (yey!!! for free umbrellas, hahaha!) but after that, it was just pure fun, free Lumia phones, great music by Jump Smokers and lots of food and drinks! Anything free is always great! 😉

We didn’t really expect anything from the event but just to have fun and unwind after a long week at work and maybe, hoping, that we’d be one of the lucky winners who would get to bring home a brand new Lumia (whatever model that may be), haha!

Cool stage and amazing dancers with endless energy (I wonder how many calories they lose after dancing all night?!?)

The 3D mapping on the building nearby was simply unimaginably awesome!!!

How cool is this walking ‘photobooth’??? — which reminds me, we forgot to get our photo! Haha!

We may not have won any of the 8 Nokia Lumias given away but we went home with big grins on our faces for a well-spent Friday night 🙂 Totally worth our time!

What did I wear? Check it out here 🙂

Ps. Have you checked out the Nokia Lumia? If you haven’t, YOU HAVE TO! I personally think they’re cool and it really has great potential. I’m no gadget expert but I have my own list of must-haves when it comes to gadgets (some of which are aesthetics, great camera, social networking sites connectivity and user friendliness or ease of use — which Nokias have been well known for). The Lumia Family might actually bring Nokia back to the top! I have been a happy Blackberry user for more than 2 years now and honestly, switching back to a Nokia was never an option. But after seeing the Lumia, oh boy! I might just go back to being a Nokia user! Check it out! You won’t be disappointed!

Check out Jump Smokers — They are a Chicago-based music group made up of two members – DJ Flipside (whom I know is a Filipino) and Reydon – the group has been topping charts recently around the world and they brought the house down with great great music during the launch.

* opinions found on this post is based on the writer’s own opinions/views 🙂

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