April 2012 Road Trip : Last Stop, Sisiman Bay

28 May

At around 2:30pm, it was time for us to hit our last stop, The Lighthouse in Sisiman Bay 🙂 I was sooo excited!

Again, relying solely on our Garmin and iPad for maps, off we went to Sisiman Bay. After almost an hour of driving thru smooth and well-paved roads, we have finally reached our destination (Ok, we got lost a bit as there were no visible signs and we took a wrong turn, hehe!). Woohooo! My husband and I were so excited to take photos!

The townspeople informed us that we might not be able to bring down our car close to the bay because of the rocks. So a little trekking is needed — I was totally ok with that 🙂 My husband thought of checking it out first… while I took more photos, hahaha (what a cam-whore!) :p

We parked our car and trekked down the hill. IT. WAS. SOOOO. HOT!!! We trekked the whole stretch in search for a lighthouse. No lighthouse in sight. Hmmm… How can we miss such a big structure?

After a few minutes of trekking, taking photos and enjoying the view, my husband decided to ask some locals who were fishing by the bay. To our surprise, the lighthouse was destroyed last 2011 by typhoons which hit the country. So sad! 😦

See the rock formation? That is where the lighthouse used to stand 😦

You can view old photos of the lighthouse here. Sooo nice! I sure hope they rebuild it someday…

Since there was no lighthouse to take photos of, my husband and I just decided to just enjoy the bay. We put on our skele-toes and got our feet wet. It was soooo relaxing. Summer heat, cool water, splashing waves on rocks… it was PERFECT!

We wanted to wait for sunset as I’m sure it would be picture perfect but I didn’t want to get back to Manila really late as my husband has been driving the whole day. So at around 5pm, we decided to hit the road. We reached Pampanga at around 7:30pm, had dinner at Shakey’s (we wanted to try out a new restaurant while in Pampanga but we were soooo hungry to even look and explore!) and finally hit home by 9:30pm.

It was really a fun and memorable road trip. We’ll definitely do more in the coming months! 🙂

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