6 Wonderful Years!

13 Jun

I’ve blogged about celebrating our 6th year wedding anniversary here.  So instead of blogging about mushy and cheesy stuff, I’ll blog about YUMMY stuff!

This was how we celebrated our 6th year wedding anniversary last May 21, 2012.  Again, nothing expensive, nothing grand, just something we enjoy doing…  chit-chatting and eating!  Yummm!!!  Our simple joys in life 🙂

Dinner at Ajisen Ramen (one of our fave restos in HK)

What we ate : Spicy Tuna, Spicy Ramen, Deep Fried Gyoza (how healthy!  haha!)

The serving wasn’t as big as what they serve in HK but we ended the night with pretty happy tummies 🙂  We’ll definitely go back next time 🙂

Dessert at Banapple

What we ate : Banoffee Pie

My husband and I just shared one slice (as we were so full from dinner) and the pie was pretty good.  We finished the pie with smiles on our faces.  We only have a few complaints about this restaurant, table and chairs are quite uncomfortable.  They’re not conjusive for staying in the restaurant to chit-chat — or maybe that’s their main goal so that clients won’t stay too long.  Haha!  Faster turnaround.  Also, the acoustic inside the restaurant was not so good.  It’s either the diners were too noisy that night or the noise just bounces off the wall and straight to your ears!  Oh boy!  It felt like I was in a chinese restaurant!  We had to gulp down our Banoffee slice really fast for us to get out of the restaurant!  Haha!

There are other restaurants in the building, so make sure to check it out : North East Square along Connecticut St. Greenhills, San Juan

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