Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

16 Jul

Dreaming. Last Sunday, Donna, one of my dear friends from The Breakfast Club decided to celebrate her 27th birthday in a different way. Instead of throwing a party, she decided to do an outreach program and spend an afternoon with babies and toddlers in an orphanage, Home For The Angels.

Details about our outreach program afternoon in another blog entry but this is my interpretation for this week’s photo challenge. Dreaming… I’m sure all of the kids in this orphanage are dreaming that someday, they’ll be adopted and be a part of a happy family. A family who will love them, take care of them and be their everything. Everyone deserves to have someone whom they’ll call, FAMILY.

These kids will keep on dreaming and praying that someday, this dream will come true… And I still believe that DREAMS DO COME TRUE 🙂

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