Not Even A Typhoon :(

07 Aug


Today, August 7, 2012, The Philippines is experiencing non-stop rains.  It has been raining since yesterday and it hasn’t stopped.  A lot of roads are now flooded, school and work have been suspended, people are asked to stay home as much as possible.

What is happening?  I’m really worried that another “Ondoy” (a strong typhoon which happened last 2009) is happening.  This has been bugging me since 3am.  I barely slept.  Now, I’m in zombie-mode since I only had 3 hours of sleep.

I’m grateful that I’m living on higher grounds compared to others but I feel sad and sorry for those who lost their homes, who had to spend the day/night under this cold and crazy weather and who are suffering from all that’s happening.

To those who can still go out and help in their own municipalities, please do — but always think of your own safety first!

To whoever reads this blog entry, please say a short prayer to everyone affected by this monsoon.  Yes, it’s not even a typhoon and we’re already experiencing this :,(  It really breaks my heart.

We really pray that this ends soon.  Please let the rain stop so everyone affected may start to recover from this crazy weather.

Keep dry and safe everyone and let’s keep on praying!

Lord, please keep us safe.

Ps. Climate Change… Let’s all take this seriously.

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