Messages from Pao :)

05 Dec

I posted this photo in my facebook page this morning and I’ll post it once again here in my blog…

I don’t usually go thru my twitter timeline in the morning due to the numerous tweets from the night before. But the tweet of Cathy Babao with a link stopped right in the middle of the screen of my phone and without thinking,  I clicked it and it opened to a page with this message…


I immediately thought that it must be a message from our dear little Pao. Tomorrow is his 100th day. It has been 100 days since we lost him. It’s been 100 days since he said goodbye to us. It’s been 100 days since we’ve been trying to move on with our lives.

I know messages from heaven come in different forms and mediums. Who would have thought a message like this would come to me via my twitter account. 😉

Oh! And I thought that that was the only message I’ll get from Pao today. No, that was not all. Every night, I flip open my Q&A Journal to jot down my entry for the day and this was the question in my journal for today, December 5…


Coincidence?  I really don’t know but I would want to think it was Pao’s way of letting me remember him and letting me know that he’s ok and that I should be ok as well.

Don’t worry, Pao. Coco’s trying her best. We all are.  But always remember,  no matter how long it takes, we’ll always miss you and love you. You’ll forever be our Paoie. Love you!

Ps. To whoever gets to read this blog entry, please say a little prayer for our Pao. Thanks in advance!  🙂

* Who is Cathy Babao?  Cathy Babao is a Mother, an award winning journalist, PDI Columnist, Author, Blogger and a Grief Educator.

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