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I am a shopping enthusiast based in Manila. When I'm not busy doing wife duties, I research on what-to-buy in my next shopping trip, think of nice things I can surprise my husband,family and friends with or simply daydream of what outfit to wear the next day. I'm happily married to my best friend and lives with 2 adorable dogs, Lexi ( and Chicklet. So let me share with you some of the things which makes me smile :)

Pocket Printer… Oh Yeah!!! ♥

When I first saw this online a few months ago, I told myself, it will be soooo cool to have it (I’m addicted to cameras, cute cameras, including gadgets and accessories that come with it). Since it was only available initially in Korea, I thought, ok, it will take some time before I can get my hands on one.

Last July, I learned that it will finally be available for the Philippine market! Coooool! I’m getting closer into owning one!

Early this week, my childhood bestfriend posted her own unit in her IG! Woohoo!!! This is it! This is it! Soon, you’ll be mine!

Now that it’s available in the Philippines, what the next thing to accomplish? Sweet talk my dear husband into getting me one! Yipeeyayay!  Good thing my birthday is only a month away so he immediately said YES! How lucky can a girl be!♥

After 2 days, tadaaaa! I got my new cool gadget in my hands! ♥♥♥ Happy birthday in advance to myself!!!


How much does it cost? It’s P7990 with 70 sheets of free Zink* (Zero Ink) photo paper!!! Woohoo! Sooo fun!

I immediately tested it, downloaded the LG Pocket Photo app on Google Play, installed it and printed my first photo! 🙂 🙂 🙂

It only takes around 45 seconds (from the time you click print on your phone) to print a photo. Of course, the quality of the printed photo also depends on the quality of the photo you took 🙂 I was happy with the turnout of my first print!


See the tiny hearts on the body of the unit? Soooo cute!

From the Pocket Photo app, you can edit, add text and QR Code to your photos before printing! Happiness!

Of course, with 70 sheets of free photo paper, I just had to print one more! A photo of my Little Lexi next! ♥♥♥

Uhm… just ignore the knocking sound in the video. That’s not from the photo printer. It was my camera lens trying to focus. Haha!

And the output —


I believe LG is just offering the free photo paper for now, so if you plan to get one, this is the best time to do so!


A box of 30 sheets costs P599. Kinda pricey per sheet but it’s still cheaper than Instax films (don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this will replace my love for my Instax Mini25).

Other information:

  1. Size 72.4 x 120.9 x 24.0mm
  2. Weight 212g
  4. It takes 1.5 hours to fully charge the unit
  5. One full charge can print up to around 25 photos
  6. Available to connect Android Smartphone with Bluetooth / NFC / USB Cable
  7. Save edited photos, upload and share on Facebook, Twitter, and more!
  8. It comes in 3 colors (Silver, Pink and Orange) — I’m not sure if pink and orange are available here in the Philippines tho.
  9. Works for both Android and iPhone 🙂

Where to get this LG Pocket Photo Printer? It’s available in all Memo Express shops nationwide! They have a lot of branches around the Philippines! So I’m sure it’ll be easy for you to get hold of one!

This is extreme happiness! 🙂

Memo Express Branches

FESTIVAL SUPERMALL 659-3590 / 850-3724
SM CITY CALAMBA (049) 530-0352
SM CITY CLARK (045) 499-0325
SM CITY MARILAO (044) 815-8395
SM CITY NORTH EDSA 332-1915 / 332-2382
SM CITY STA. ROSA (049) 534-4529
SM MALL OF ASIA 556-0540
SM MEGAMALL 635-5304 / 637-7781
STA. LUCIA EAST GRAND MALL 681-7487 / 681-5458

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Build a life. Don’t live one. Build One. (Ashton Kutcher)

Oh Ashton, you made me love you even more… *swoon*

Ashton Kutcher reveals his real first name and gives 3 life’s lessons which we can all live by… both young and old 🙂

Take time to watch the video — it’s worth it!

Just in case you didn’t pick it up, here’s a summary 😉

  1. Opportunities look a lot like work
  2. Be Sexy (Be smart, thoughtful and generous)
  3. Build a life. Don’t live one. Build one.


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I Gave In — Washi Washi!

I am what you call “The Perfect Consumer”. Anything cute, I buy. Anything colorful, I buy. Anything DIY, I buy.

I love anything and everything that’s DIY. I’ve always been amazed on how creative people can get!

So when washi tapes started coming out, I told myself, “Oh boy! They’re soooo cute (sold), colorful (sold!) and I think I can DIY some stuff myself (super sold!). BUT NOOOOOO! I don’t want to spend and I don’t need it (Wow! I was surprised to hear myself say that!).

Just when I have decided not to buy, my niece posted a photo of her washified room light switches — Oh boy! It was sooooo cute!


And you got it right! I gave in. Haha! Got a few rolls of washi tapes and made myself busy…

See what I washified first! ♥♥♥


Oh my! Oh my!!! My cellphone charger just got so much cuter and prettier! Looooove ♥

Uh. Oh! I think this is the start of a new addiction! I wonder what I can washify next! Hmmmm… maybe my husband’s Macbook Air? Hahaha *insert evil laugh here*

Where to get washi tapes : Check out Paper Blush PH
Instagram – @paperblushph
Facebook –
Email –

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Flight Cancelled

Yes. You read it correctly. Our flight back to Manila just got cancelled.

Due to the heavy rains in Tagbilaran, our plane from Manila couldn’t land. So here we are back at The Bellevue Resort 🙂


I actually don’t mind staying in Bohol for another night, especially in this great resort 🙂 That means, another night of yummy food, great ambience, relaxing views AND another restful night on a hotel bed (yes, I love hotel beds). Yipeeyayay!

Since I’m back for another night, I decided to take more photos 🙂

Just scroll down to view photos 🙂


Our room for tonight ♥♥♥


The frontage


The Lobby


Flujo Bar - Al Fresco Area


Infinity Pool

This resort is so beautiful, my photos just don’t do it justice. You have to see it yourself!

The Bellevue Resort
Manila 7718181

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Time To Have A Vacation :)

A lot of things have happened in my life the past few months, both good and bad. But at the end of the day, I still thank God for a great life He has given me… a great family who supports me in everything I do and reliable friends whom I can always count on.

After having busy days and sleepless nights, my husband and I finally found the time to get out of our busy schedules and relax. For this, I still thank God for this opportunity.

So this is going to be our home for the next few days…



And with this great view…


I can’t help but fall in love with this place.  This is our 2nd time here and I am still in awe on how beautiful and relaxing this place is…


Definitely a place made for both young and old. See how they made sure they have a play area for kids?



And of course,  I just had to take a photo with this cute giant chess set. Haha!


Thinking of visiting Panglao for some sun, fun and relaxation? Make sure you check out The Bellevue Resort, Bohol — definitely a resort worth visiting! ♥♥♥



Ps. You get that cute puca shell necklace upon arrival at the airport 😉

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Wow! I Won!

I rarely win in raffle draws but this time, I got lucky! Look at what I got in the mail last weekend!


How lucky can a girl get!?! I got a YSL Rouge Pur Couture 34 lipstick (one of my favorite brands when it comes to lipsticks) for FREE! Woohoo!

Thanks again @nievkisses for this! Follow her on Instagram for authentic make-up products!

This is total happiness!

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Look Who Just Got Featured!

Remember my birthday blog post last October 2012? Well, my photo just got featured!


I looooove little surprises like this 🙂


Check out Sakroots Spottings : Instafavorite 🙂

Thanks again Sakroots!


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