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111112 What I Wore : HK Trip Day 4

The last day of our fun fun fuuuun trip.  With no shopping budget left (haha!), what else is there to do but to just go around Hong Kong, take photos and of course, chit-chat some more over coffee.

My sister, my partner, my forever friend! :)

My sister, my partner, my forever friend! 🙂

So what did I wear?

Photo 1-21-13, 4 19 35 PM

Black Shirt – H&M Divided

Floral Lace Bodycon Skirt – Forever 21

Wedge Sneakers – Topshop (I super love these shoes!)

Accessories – Forever 21, Hello Kitty, Asos

Necklace – Mango

Olive Green Jacket – Forever 21

And oh!  While killing time before leaving for the airport, we decided to drop by the Dr. Martens store  — and I was able to happily bring home my very first DMs (see blog entry here).  Another happy purchase for an equally happy trip with my dear dear friend, Jack 🙂

Dr. Martens Boots in Black with Floral Print

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111012 What I Wore : HK Trip Day 3

Oh! I can’t believe I forgot to post Day 3 and Day 4 from this trip!  Now, to catch up on my postings… 😀

Since we basically finished our Day 1 and Day 2 budget and itinerary, Day 3 was spent just walking around, chit-chatting, laughing, eating (oh-so-yummy Din Tai Fung!) and spending more time chit-chatting in Starbucks!

Non-stop chit-chatting!

Non-stop chit-chatting!

Oh-So-Yummy Din Tai Fung!

Oh-So-Yummy Din Tai Fung!

And this is what I wore 🙂

Photo 1-16-13, 5 40 30 PM

Zara Chambray Studded Polo

Forever21 Inner Shirt

Zara Leopard Print Skirt

Steve Madden Troopa Ankle Boots

United Colors of Benetton Bag

OPI Gold Nail Polish and Konad Stamping Tool

You can view what I wore for Day 1 and Day 2 via the links 😉


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110912 What I Wore : HK Trip Day 2

Day 1 was spent eating and shopping in Hong Kong with my friend, Jack.  Day 2 was nothing different but still FUUUUN!  Of course, what else is there to do in Hong Kong but to eat and enjoy their yummy food and shop for great deals in all the stores you get to pass along the way (shopping is so convenient in HK, I’m glad I don’t live there as I’ll end up not saving even a single cent!  Haha!)

I never miss having at least one breakfast in McDonald’s Hong Kong! Yum!

Some of the food we enjoyed in HK!

We finished our 4-day itinerary (and 4-day trip budget) in 2 days!  Are we cool (or more of poor?) or what?!?!  Haha!

Here, There, Everywhere!

This is what I wore on Day 2.  I just had to include the human sized lego photos I took while we were at Times Square, Causeway Bay.  They are sooooo cute!  They were still setting it up when we were there and I’m sure they’ll be so much cooler once they’re done!  I can’t wait to see the whole set-up next month!

Knitted Sweater – Forever 21

Inner White Shirt – H&M Divided

Denim Skirt – Mango

Brown Bag – United Colors of Benetton

Boots – Steve Madden


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110812 What I Wore : HK Trip Day 1

Last November 8-11, 2012, my dear friend, Jack, and I decided to go on our very first trip together. Destination, HONG KONG! Geared with pocket money and our 4-day shopping itinerary, off we went to our most awaited vacation!


Needless to say, we really had a great time together. We made new memories together as friends and just proved that we could really stand each other’s company and presence 24/7 — or should I say, 24/4? Haha!


Anyway, here is what I wore on Day 1 🙂


Burnout Tee – H&M Divided

Printed Skirt – Forever 21

Drawstring Denim Jacket – Life In Progress (Forever 21)

Accessories – Parfois, Forever 21, Anarchy Street

Shoes – Topshop

(sorry, forgot to take a photo of my shoes, you’ll see it in my Day 4 post)


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

Dreaming. Last Sunday, Donna, one of my dear friends from The Breakfast Club decided to celebrate her 27th birthday in a different way. Instead of throwing a party, she decided to do an outreach program and spend an afternoon with babies and toddlers in an orphanage, Home For The Angels.

Details about our outreach program afternoon in another blog entry but this is my interpretation for this week’s photo challenge. Dreaming… I’m sure all of the kids in this orphanage are dreaming that someday, they’ll be adopted and be a part of a happy family. A family who will love them, take care of them and be their everything. Everyone deserves to have someone whom they’ll call, FAMILY.

These kids will keep on dreaming and praying that someday, this dream will come true… And I still believe that DREAMS DO COME TRUE 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Clockwise (Breakfast at Salcedo Market, Christmas Dinner at Papa John’s, Breakfast at Salcedo Market, Super yucky drink at Aia’s Birthday Party, Rue Bourbon)

Friendship.  The first thing that came into mind when I saw this week’s challenge?  THE BREAKFAST CLUB! 🙂 — my officemates, turned super great friends 🙂

Why do we call ourselves The Breakfast Club?  It all started when we would make sure we meet up every morning in McDonald’s just to have breakfast before starting our day at work.  We’ll talk about anything and everything under the sun — from work to people around us to local and Hollywood stars!  Rants and raves, all tackled in a span of an hour!

A great part of my life has been spent with these guys — From meeting deadlines, tyring out new products, attending product launches, product pull-outs, arranging for product/photo shoots, shopping til our hearts ache due to maxed out credit cards, swoon over stars, gush over characters in books we read, heartaches, break-ups, weddings, vacations, travels, resignations, shift in careers, etc… in short, we’ve really gone thru a lot!

I’ve known these guys for almost 8 years (it’s been 8 years!?!?) and we’ve all gone our separate ways in terms of careers but I’m happy that we all still keep in touch.  All I have to do is haller and I’m sooo sure that at least one of them will be on his/her way.  That’s how true friends are!  Here’s to forever!

Ps. And to the other 2 missing members of The Breakfast Club, Myra and Viv, WE MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH!  Come home soon!

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My 9-Fridays Challenge

I LOVE SHOES!!! I have to admit, I have a cabinet full of shoes, a mix of heels, boots, flats, sandals and sneakers. But with a height of barely 5’2″, I usually end up wearing heels over flats — I need the extra height boost. Haha!

My husband would constantly remind me to wear flats more often and I’m also aware that wearing heels at all times will eventually take a toll on a woman’s health, back pains and all.

So last Friday, I thought of giving in to my husband’s constant request and decided to wear one of my Chuck Taylors to work (Fridays are smart casual Fridays at work, which means, we can wear jeans and sneakers — but I still end up wearing my heels most of the time).

AND GUESS WHAT!?!? (drum roll please…)

My dear officemate, after seeing me wear my Chucks and who knows that I’ve been lusting over a pair of white Chuck Taylors for a few months now, decided to challenge me into wearing flats for 9 consecutive Fridays starting June 1! And if I get to do that, HE WILL BUY ME MY WHITE CHUCK TAYLORS! Woohoo! How cool is that!?!? Hurrah for cool friends!

It may mean nothing for girls who prefer wearing flats over heels, but not for me — but I’m definitely up for the challenge! Spamy, watch out! I CAN DO THIS and I WILL DO THIS! Lezzzzdodizzzz!!!

White Chuck Taylors, I WILL SEE YOU ON JULY 27! Now, to set an alarm on my phone every Friday morning to remind myself to wear flats! ❤ ❤ ❤

A few REAL reasons why I decided to wear my Chuck Taylors last Friday — and ended up with a cool challenge 🙂

1. I miss wearing my Chuck Taylors. I almost forgot how comfortable they are. (see how I matched them with my floral skirt here).

2. Hidden agenda? Since I wanted a white pair of Chuck Taylors, I had to show my husband that I’m actually wearing them 😀 😀 😀 Teehee…

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