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Wow! I Won!

I rarely win in raffle draws but this time, I got lucky! Look at what I got in the mail last weekend!


How lucky can a girl get!?! I got a YSL Rouge Pur Couture 34 lipstick (one of my favorite brands when it comes to lipsticks) for FREE! Woohoo!

Thanks again @nievkisses for this! Follow her on Instagram for authentic make-up products!

This is total happiness!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Today


Today. NKOTBSB concert.

Ok. I know this week’s challenge strictly mentioned that the photo has to be taken TODAY. But I think I have a very good excuse for posting my entry a day late — I got home late last night and I was already sooo sleepy to upload a post. Valid? Great! 🙂

Last night (which was supposed to be my “today” if I posted it yesterday, get the picture? Haha!), my husband and I watched the NKOTBSB (New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys) concert! Woohoo! How great was that (girls from my generation would agree)? We were on the 8th row from the stage which made these grown up cuties like Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Joey McIntyre and Jordan Knight totally just an armslength away (Okay, quite exaggerated, I know!)!

Now, you know which generation I was born in! Stop counting backwards! Puh-leazze! Haha!

Want to see more photos? I’ll post more of the fun we had during the concert in my next blog entry 🙂 Watch out for it!

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Spaaaah-rty by Orly…

Two weekends ago, I got invited to Orly‘s spa party at Posh Nails, where Orly launched their Cool Romance collection. When I got the invite, I immediately said YES! Why wouldn’t I? I’m addicted to pretty nail polish and I love pampering sessions! Teehee!


What I wore : The invite stated, "Laid-back Romantic" so attire was really open to anyone's interpretation of "romantic" -- Forever21 lace top. Coral hued blazer from Hong Kong, Bayo denim skirt and my favorite DESÙ camel wedge (Love. Love. Love).

* original photo by Grande Gusto

When I saw the collection, I swooned and immediately fell in love with the unusual pastel colors! They’re perfect for spring! — not that we really have spring here in Manila 😉

This collection features six soft, splash of cool and romantic pastel shades — You’re Blushing (Wisteria Crème), Prelude to a Kiss (Pastel Pink Crème), Jealous Much (Mint Crème), Faint of Heart (Soft Gray Crème), Steel your Heart (Charcoal Shimmer), Artificial Sweetener (Dusty Rose Shimmer). Don’t you think the names are sooo cute?!?

I had a hard time choosing the color to put on as they were all so purr-ty! If only I could have all the colors on my nails, I would have! But I had to make a decision and ended up choosing “Prelude to a Kiss” to match my coral hued blazer for the day 🙂


* original photos by Aia

What’s not to love about this shade? It’s so dainty and girly! Personally, I think it looks more of a peachy shade with a hint of pink. The first coat was a little streaky but you should be ok with two coats for full coverage (a third one won’t hurt either).

Of course, Orly sessions won’t be complete without their ever reliable top and base coats. Can I just say I swear by Orly’s Glosser (top coat) and Orly’s Bonder (base coat)? They really protect my fingernails from turning icky yellow! So I’m close-to-sureness, their Top2Bottom top and base coat will give similiar resuts… We’ll see… 😉


It was indeed a fun and relaxing event. Having your nails pampered by Posh Nails, nail polish c/o Orly, while being served yummy calorie-filled snacks and drinks, is THE LIFE! And don’t forget the loot bag we received after the event! What more can you ask for?

It was made more fun because I was with my fellow blogger friends from The Breakfast Club, Aia and Elaine. Everything is always more fun when done with these friends 🙂


* top, top right and bottom right photos by Grande Gusto; bottom left photo by Aia — THANKS!

I can’t wait for the next Orly gathering! Next shade to try out — Artificial Sweetener!

Orly is available at Purebeauty Store I Marionnaud | First Aid Greenbelt | PCX (Rockwell, Ermita, Alabang Town Center) | Watsons (Greenbelt 5, Ayala Cebu) | Beauty by SM (Makati, Megamall, Fairview) | Landmark-Trinoma | Beauty Cocktails | Robinsons Department Store Ermita.

Posh Nails are all over the Metro! Find one nearest you! Click here.

You may read my other Orly posts here, here, and here.


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My Birthday 2010 :)

Wow! How time flies by soooo fast when you’re having fun! I could still remember blogging about my birth month last 2009 and here I am, blogging about my 2010 birthday. Life is really so good. 🙂

So what made my birthday extra special this year? Aside from the fact that my husband makes it a point to make it extra special every year by celebrating it for one whole month, my husband and I were able to scrap off 2 items from our bucket list… visiting the Great Wall of China in Beijing and seeing the Terracotta Warriors in Xian.

Great Wall of China, Beijing

Terracotta Warriors, Xian

China’s really amazing!  Everyone should be able to visit China even once in their lifetime.  It’s beautiful!

Next, a quick Hong Kong trip with my favorite girls, O and C!  It was shop, eat, shop, laugh, shop, shop, shop… 🙂

with my favorite girls 🙂

Then on the day of my birthday, I got to spend it with the Breakfast Club. Yahoo! –with M, the balikbayan!  She came home from Canada for my birthday!  Haha!  Kidding!  What else can you ask for?  Breakfast Club + Shopping = Great Birthday!

Early morning shopping at Forever 21! We were the first ones inside!

Nail pampering in the afternoon at Dashing Diva

* Take note, we all took a leave from work to be together on a weekday!  I really love these girlies! (Seatmate, we missed you that day and everyday!)

Then of course, birthday’s won’t be complete without gifts from friends who took time to find the perfect gift for you on your special day 🙂

Gift #1 – a bronze bird necklace from A.  I was really looking for a bronze necklace at that time then to my surprise, without telling A, she gave it to me as a birthday gift!  I love it!  It even came with a handwritten note which I think was really sweet 🙂

I love heartfelt handwritten notes 🙂

Gift #2 – a bag full of things for me and Lexi from none other than my bestfriend from Grade 2!  Yes, Grade 2!  Gifts for Lexi are also gifts for me!  Yey!  I was so happy to receive them!  Thanks B and Taffy!

Another handwritten note! *sigh*

A trendier way of carrying around plastic for picking up Lexi's mess. Haha!

A cute cute Yorkie bag hook!

* Aside from all these gifts, B also got Lexi’s Halloween Costume.  You’ll see it in my previous post 🙂  Thanks again B for getting it for Lexi.  I really appreciate it!  🙂

Gift #3 – A pair of super comfortable blue shoes from Seatmate!  Woot!  Woot!  I love the color, I love the style, I love the comfort!  Thanks Seatmate for surprising me with this pair all the way from the US!  I got a lot of compliments for it!  🙂

Thanks for surprising me with this one Seatmate! 🙂

Gift #4 – A nice nice long beige cardigan (with studs!) from M.  I love it!  I’ll post a photo of it soon!  I forgot to take a photo of it when I wore it!  Hehe…  Thanks again M!  It’s so me 🙂

Gift #5 – A book which my team gave to me.  I wrote about it last October 16.  You can read the post here.  Thanks guys!  I really love it!  Hopefully I learn something from it!  🙂

I’m really so lucky that my loved ones and friends really make it a point to make my birthday extra special every year.  That’s why I love life, not because of all the material things but because I have great people in my life…  TOTAL HAPPINESS!  Thanks guys!


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Golden Gifts for Me!

Pasalubong (pasal´ubong n. a present — usually given by one arriving from a trip)
— meaning picked up from Tagalog Dictionary


We’re always excited to receive pasalubong from family and friends who travel. Although we don’t really expect to receive something, it’s always nice to know that they thought of you while they were miles away.

Here are the Golden Gifts (because both of them were gold) I got from a very dear friend when she came home from her long US vacation:  


1. Gold Knotted Multi-Chained Necklace (from


Ooooh! I totally love this necklace! It can turn any simple outfit to total fab! It is made of shiny dark gold chain strands intertwined to create that knotted look. Definitely, a great addition to outfits!


2. Gold Headwrap with Gems (from Goody)  

My friend and I are totally crazy over headbands and headwraps with nice embellishments.  When I say “crazy”, I mean hoarding crazy 🙂 

victorian crystal and silk satin headwrap by Jennifer Behr

crystal swoop on satin ribbon headwrap by Jennifer Behr

art-deco crystal and silk headwrap by Jennifer Behr

art deco crystal and silk headwrap by Jennifer Behr

No wonder why this headwrap made it to the bag. 🙂

The only downside is that it’s a little too tight but it’s manageable. My friend and I will have the garter band adjusted a bit.

Maybe someday, we’ll graduate from using Evita Peroni and Goody headwraps and move on to headwraps by Jennifer Behr.  🙂 *dreamy eyes*

As I’ve said in my previous post, it’s so nice to have fashionista friends. They love what you love 🙂  

Thanks C for the great pasalubong!



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My Birth Month

I loooove the month of October … MY BIRTH MONTH! – which means, I get to celebrate my birth not just for a day but for the whole month! Beat that!


And what makes my birth month extra special?  It’s the well-thought-of gifts you receive from your loved ones and close friends.


As kids, we all wanted to receive a lot of gifts — I’m sure you can relate.  It’s all about quantity!  But as years go by, you realize that it’s not really the quantity. It’s how much effort your family and friends put in to give you what you need or even just what you want.

Let’s see what I got this year 🙂

1. Skull Candy Hesh (from my sweet Husband)


I’m a sucker for cute things.  As long as it’s cute, SOLD!


That explains why I just had to have this Skull Candy Hesh in red with zebra stripes. I’ve begged my husband to give me these earphones for the longest time (I can’t even remember when I started asking for it) and I’m happy he finally gave in (same way he gave in to getting me my Yorkie)! What a great surprise!

They’re perfect for watching my TV series in my iPod.  Total silence from the external world! *Bliss*


2. Mango / MNG Patent Bag (from my dear dear Daddy)



Don’t they always say that mommy knows best?  I think they’re wrong! For me, it’s both my Mom and my Dad who know best. They just know what I love and exactly what I want.
This year, my Dad got me a Black Patent bag from Mango! Isn’t it a beauty? I just love it!
Thanks Dad!

3. Topshop by Kate Moss top (from a very sweet close friend)

o's gift 


This is a gift from a very dear friend.  I got it just in time to wear to an event!  Perfect! 

Don’t you just love having fashionista friends?  Without asking, they simply know what to get you for your birthday!  She knows your style, your size and what you have in your closet to match it with!  Not much thinking left for you to do when you finally plan to wear it huh? 


What did I wear it with?  My Mango Zippered Skirt and DESÙ Black Gladiator Heels 

mango black skirt

Mango Black Zippered Black Skirt *Image from

DESÙ Black Gladiator Heels

DESÙ Black Gladiator Heels

Again, thanks for making my birth-month extra special!


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Fresh from Hong Kong …

Picture this … my dear sister leaving for HK and me, giving my list of to-buys (and where to get them).

A few days after, I got an SMS that she’s back home and my items were ready for pick up.

Total happiness! All my bilins have turned into pasalubongs! Talk about being loved!

Check out what was in my list!

1. Cotton-On Shirts


I’m such a hoarder.  I’m really guilty of that.  Once I like something, I just have to get them in all colors!  😉

These Cotton-On shirts were no exception. They’re soft — doesn’t fade or lose its shape after multiple washing — and most of all, they’re inexpensive! Such a great buy for something so basic, yet perfect with anything!

Totally worth it!

2. Pen Holder


How it holds your pen


How it bookmarks the page

I keep a personal notebook inside my bag at all times for short notes and ideas.  I just told my niece to check a particular pen holder which I saw in HK during my last trip there but they got me something better —  a pen holder and a bookmark in one!

Cool huh?

3. Party Feet Toe Post Cushions


I love wearing heels – the higher, the better, the sexier. 😉

Even if my shoes/heels are comfortable, I still want to protect the ball of my feet from callouses!  That’s why I’m an avid  fan of Scholl Party Feet. This is a basic necessity for me whenever I’m wearing my oh-so-high heels.  🙂  They’re specifically made to protect the tender area between your toes caused by rubbing flip flops and provide invisible cushion for the balls of your feet for toe post shoes.  They’re washable and resuable!  What more can a shoe addict like me ask for?  Try it! You’ll love it!  I wonder if they’re available here in Manila?

Thanks to my dear sister for going thru all the trouble of completing the items in my list! Yehey!


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