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Pocket Printer… Oh Yeah!!! ♥

When I first saw this online a few months ago, I told myself, it will be soooo cool to have it (I’m addicted to cameras, cute cameras, including gadgets and accessories that come with it). Since it was only available initially in Korea, I thought, ok, it will take some time before I can get my hands on one.

Last July, I learned that it will finally be available for the Philippine market! Coooool! I’m getting closer into owning one!

Early this week, my childhood bestfriend posted her own unit in her IG! Woohoo!!! This is it! This is it! Soon, you’ll be mine!

Now that it’s available in the Philippines, what the next thing to accomplish? Sweet talk my dear husband into getting me one! Yipeeyayay!  Good thing my birthday is only a month away so he immediately said YES! How lucky can a girl be!♥

After 2 days, tadaaaa! I got my new cool gadget in my hands! ♥♥♥ Happy birthday in advance to myself!!!


How much does it cost? It’s P7990 with 70 sheets of free Zink* (Zero Ink) photo paper!!! Woohoo! Sooo fun!

I immediately tested it, downloaded the LG Pocket Photo app on Google Play, installed it and printed my first photo! 🙂 🙂 🙂

It only takes around 45 seconds (from the time you click print on your phone) to print a photo. Of course, the quality of the printed photo also depends on the quality of the photo you took 🙂 I was happy with the turnout of my first print!


See the tiny hearts on the body of the unit? Soooo cute!

From the Pocket Photo app, you can edit, add text and QR Code to your photos before printing! Happiness!

Of course, with 70 sheets of free photo paper, I just had to print one more! A photo of my Little Lexi next! ♥♥♥

Uhm… just ignore the knocking sound in the video. That’s not from the photo printer. It was my camera lens trying to focus. Haha!

And the output —


I believe LG is just offering the free photo paper for now, so if you plan to get one, this is the best time to do so!


A box of 30 sheets costs P599. Kinda pricey per sheet but it’s still cheaper than Instax films (don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this will replace my love for my Instax Mini25).

Other information:

  1. Size 72.4 x 120.9 x 24.0mm
  2. Weight 212g
  4. It takes 1.5 hours to fully charge the unit
  5. One full charge can print up to around 25 photos
  6. Available to connect Android Smartphone with Bluetooth / NFC / USB Cable
  7. Save edited photos, upload and share on Facebook, Twitter, and more!
  8. It comes in 3 colors (Silver, Pink and Orange) — I’m not sure if pink and orange are available here in the Philippines tho.
  9. Works for both Android and iPhone 🙂

Where to get this LG Pocket Photo Printer? It’s available in all Memo Express shops nationwide! They have a lot of branches around the Philippines! So I’m sure it’ll be easy for you to get hold of one!

This is extreme happiness! 🙂

Memo Express Branches

FESTIVAL SUPERMALL 659-3590 / 850-3724
SM CITY CALAMBA (049) 530-0352
SM CITY CLARK (045) 499-0325
SM CITY MARILAO (044) 815-8395
SM CITY NORTH EDSA 332-1915 / 332-2382
SM CITY STA. ROSA (049) 534-4529
SM MALL OF ASIA 556-0540
SM MEGAMALL 635-5304 / 637-7781
STA. LUCIA EAST GRAND MALL 681-7487 / 681-5458

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It’s here! It’s here! Clear skin, here I come!!!

I have been waiting for my Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Skin Cleansing System to arrive since December 2012 and finally, IT’S HERE IN MY ARMS.  Tight hugz!

Photo 2-20-13, 4 48 21 PM

I am really so excited to try it out. Since clear skin comes after clean skin, I really hope my Mia 2 will do its job.  It promises to gently remove skin impurities and cleanses 6x (yes, 6x!) better than using your hands alone IN 60 SECONDS!  Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!  The result, softer, smoother and more beautiful skin (what else!?)

So why did I opt to get the Mia 2 over the original Mia?  Well, it comes with a protective travel case.  Yes, I got sold on the Mia 2 because of the travel case.  Haha! I’m really a great example of a perfect consumer :p — then aside from that, it features two speeds with a one-minute pulsing T-Timer® (talk about being lazy to count the seconds myself!  Haha!)

Photo 2-20-13, 4 49 30 PM

What does the kit include?

  • Clarisonic Mia 2
  • Universal Voltage Charger
  • Sensitive Brush Head
  • 1 oz. trial size cleanser
  • Protective travel case (oh yeah!)

Photo 2-20-13, 4 48 48 PM

What other beauty promises come with this Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Skin Cleansing System aside from cleaning your skin?  Well, they say that it works with the skin, not against it, as it gently massages away impurities trapped within your pores (ooooh!).  It also prepares the skin for better absorption of creams, serums and moisturizers (this, I gotta see…).  With all these promises, it is still gentle enough to use 2x a day!  Oh my! What more can I ask for? 🙂

I’m currently charging my unit as it is required that you do an initial charge of 24 hours (18  hours for succeeding full charges).  A full charge would last me around 24 minutes.  Which means, if I use it 2x per day, one full charge will last me for 12 days.  Not bad…  I just hope I remember to charge at the end of the 12th day.  Haha!

And look at how cute the pLink charge is!  It magnetically attaches to the handle!

Photo 2-20-13, 4 48 54 PM

Oh!  Did I mention that these Clarisonic units are safe to use inside the shower? 🙂 🙂 🙂

They’re really simple to use.  As instructed, use on forehead (20 seconds), nose/chin (20 seconds), and both cheeks (10 seconds each). Our T-Timer® will pulse when it’s time to cleanse the next area of your face.  How convenient is that?

Now, to wait for my unit to get fully charged.  I’ll blog on how it goes! 🙂

How about you?  Have you tried using a Clarisonic Cleansing System?  How was your experience on it?  Let me know!

Ps. Since it is recommended that the brush head be replaced every 3 months, I already decided to get a replacement head as early as now — and since I’ll be using up at least 4 brush heads in a year, I think I should get more as early as now (yes, I’m a hoarder, haha!)

Photo 2-20-13, 4 48 29 PM


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My RED February BDJ Box :)

Oh my!  Oh my!  What a great surprise!  First, I was happy to receive a package, knowing that it’s my February BDJ Box.  Second, when I opened the package, I saw 2 packages.  Third, when I took it out of it’s plastic, I saw that the BDJ Box was sooooo “fat”, meaning, it can barely hold the contents inside!  Wooohoooo!  This is total happiness!

A big RED box plus a freebie! Yipee!

A big RED box plus a freebie! Yipee!

Ooooh!  I’m sure you’re excited to see what’s inside!  CHECK. IT. OUT!!!

How. Cool. Is. That???

How. Cool. Is. That???

It contains Shiseido’s Crush X Eject ultimate pair — Intensive Spot Treatment Serum AND Intensive Brightening Mask!  Yipeeyayay! Along with that are other Shiseido Benefiance products!  Happy.  Happy.  Happy.

Here’s a list of what’s inside…

  1. Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum, 5ml sampler (30ml bottle costs P5650)
  2. Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Brightening Mask, 1 sheet (6 sheets cost P3200)
  3. Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist24 Night Emulsion, 15ml bottle (75ml bottle costs P3250)
  4. Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist24 Balancing Softener, 25ml bottle (150ml bottle costs P2400)
  5. Shiseido Benefiance Pure Retinol Intensive Revitalizing Face Mask, 20 pcs. (P3800)
  6. Nippon 5-Minute Touch-Up Kit (P150)

Gift Cards:

  1. Free Shiseido makeover for a minimum P2,000 purchase
  2. Free Shiseido quick FACIAL for a miminum of P2000 purchase
  3. 15% discount for purchases at least P5000

And what was the item wrapped in brown paper?  Tadaaaaaa!!!

Photo 2-19-13, 7 30 07 PM

Take Note : It’s a full-sized bottle worth P599!

Do I even have to question if my P460 was worth it for this box?  Na-ah!  Totally worth it!!!

Kudos to the BDJ Box Team!  Keep it up!

You can view my posts for the previous BDJ Boxes via the links below:

November 2012

December 2012-January 2013

Crush X Eject Reformulated with an exlusive Multi-Action Brightening System, White Lucent targets spots and promotes a luminous glowing complexion. Lighten, brighten and be your most radiant self.


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Product Review : Flormar Supershine Nail Enamel

If you’ve been reading my blog regularly, you would know by now that I’m quite addicted with nail polish. I think I have more nail polish bottles than the lady who comes to my house for my nail pampering sessions.  Haha!

So when my Dec-Jan BDJ box came with a full sized nail enamel, I was so happy!  Again, this is the first time for me to try out the brand and based on my research,

(verbatim) Flormar, born in 1970’s in the city  of Milan of Italy,  carried all its production to Turkey in 1972’s starting a 40 years of adventure.  By increasing its success which was  gained with the nail polish it entered the market; Flormar has become an  irrevocable brand in women of Turkey’s  nail polish choice. Taking its success a step forward after a short time  beginning to operate in Turkey, Flormar   started to offer its product range from blush to foundation, eye shadow  to mascara, lip stick to nail polish with high quality and budget prices to its  consumers.

Okay, now for the test… 😀 😀 😀

Based on what’s written on their site, their Supershine Nail Enamel gives extra/intensive shine and provides an easy application because of its creamy texture. It also promises long wearability.  Let’s see…

In the photo below, I applied 2 coats of Flormal Nail Enamel.  No top coat applied.

Application : 2 coats of Flormar Nail Enamel; No Top Coat

Application : 2 coats of Flormar Nail Enamel; No Top Coat

In the photo below, top coat has been applied 🙂

Flormar Nail Enamel, Red, 321

Flormar Nail Enamel, Red, 321

My verdict : I so loooove this nail polish!


1. I love the consistency of the nail polish.  Not too thick, not too watery.  It was just right for an easy application.

2. Opacity.  AMAZING!  I really needed just one coat to full cover my nails (but I still applied 2 coats just because that’s what I’m used to, haha!)

3. Shine.  It wasn’t really shiny but it does have a little shine to it.  It was totally OK for me as I always use a top coat to seal off my nail polish application 🙂

4. My nails lasted for a good 7 days!  Yes!  Believe me!  At the end of the 7th day, all my nails were all still properly covered with nail polish, except for the usual nail growth on the ends and a slight chip on my thumbnail (which was caused by a hard peanut I tried to crack, haha!)

5. Since I got a red nail polish and dark nail polishes tend to leave your nails “yellowish”, I was quite expecting that to happen after I remove them, but amazingly, my nails didn’t turn yellow AT ALL!

6. AND LAST, BUT NOT THE LEAST, how could you ever go wrong with a nail polish this great for only P99!?!?



Ps. Top and Base Coat used, Orly 🙂

Reviews of other products included in my Dec-Jan BDJ Box:

Pevonia Botanica Phyto Gel Cleanser


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Product Review : Pevonia Botanica Phyto Gel Cleanser

I’m not sure if I have said it before but I’ll say it again — I really love trying out new products!  So I will no longer dwell on the happiness each BDJ Box brings everytime I receive it in my mail 🙂

Anyway, moving on, here’s a review of the Pevonia Botanica Phyto Gel Cleanser 5ml sampler which came from my Dec-Jan BDJ Box.  Who knows!  It might be something you have been wanting to try as well!

Photo 1-23-13, 5 46 27 PM

Honestly, this is the first time I’ve heard of the brand (yes, lame huh?) so when I saw it in my box, I really got curious.  Based on my research, Pevonia is a worldwide leader in professional skincare.  They are the first company to develop a Spa Skincare Line which is used by elite spas and Professional Aestheticians.  It was also mentioned that they use natural ingredients in their products.  Hmmm…  Interesting…

So how was my experience with the product?  Read on…

Photo 1-23-13, 5 46 16 PM

Day 1

I have oily skin.  My face usually oils up after 2 hours of washing my face.  Today, after 3 1/2 hours, my face still didn’t feel oily at all.  After 6 hours, I checked my skin on the mirror and saw that my nose has actually started to show some signs of oil but it was definitley unnoticeable.

My face stayed oil free for around 5-6 hours.  How great is that? 🙂

Day 2

I started using the cleanser the night before and if only I could describe how my face can get oily while sleeping, you’ll get a better idea on how amazing it was to wake up to an oil-free face in the morning! 🙂

During the rest of the day, the cleanser still didn’t fail to impress me.  My face stayed oil-free for around 5-6 hours again but I have to say that even if after the 6th hour and my face started to show the presence of oil, it was still better than the previous days wherein I used the soap which was prescribed by a Dermatologist.  Impressive!

Day 3

For the past 2 days, since I wanted to test the product, I didn’t apply make-up on my face to see how the product would work without anything else used with it.  So today, I decided to go back to my normal facial routine of applying my facial sunscreen, bb cream, etc… and guess what?  I have never felt this oil free since I was a baby!  Haha!  Ok, maybe that’s too exagerrated, but being oil-free for an extra 3-4 hours is something!

Day 4 – Day 6

Happy.  Happy.  Happy.  Happy.

Day 7

Whew!  My 5ml sampler made it to exactly 7 days. Yes, that’s how little you need for your entire face — now, to go back to having an oily face tomorrow, haha!

Overall, I really think Pevonia Botanica Phyto Gel Cleanser is good for my normal to oily skin.  You only need a little of it to clean up your entire face.  It feels and smells clean — no strong perfume scent.  Unlike facial soaps, this cleanser doesn’t really lather much but after using it, my skin REALLY feels smooth and clean (if I say REALLY smooth, it is REALLY smooth!).  I believe it also helps in removing make-up on my face as the cotton I use with my toner ends up clean. 🙂

It is a product worth trying out and which you might just love and include in your daily routine 🙂

Now that I’m (and my skin) convinced with this product, I’m now worried if I’ll be able to afford spending P3640 for a 200ml bottle.  Haha!  We’ll see 😉

More product reviews to follow…

To see what’s included in my Dec-Jan BDJ box, click here.

Reviews of other products included in my Dec-Jan BDJ Box:

Flormar Supershine Nail Enamel

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My December-January BDJ Box

My December-January BDJ Box has arrived!  And yes, I’m not even done trying and testing out the products from my November box!  Panic!  Haha!

Since I want to share with all of you what’s inside my box, I have decided to just post my reviews on a later date.  I just couldn’t wait any longer.

Presenting, my December-January BDJ Box (*drum roll please*)!

My Dec-Jan BDJ Box

My Dec-Jan BDJ Box

This box was supposed to be their December box but due to unavoidable glitches, they made this their Dec-Jan box — which means, I still have my February box to wait for (I initially subscribed for 3 months as I want to try it out first)!  Yipee!  A monthly surprise!

And to express how sorry they are for the delay, they included a freebie!

Photo 1-15-13, 6 04 24 PM

A Freebie! The FMN Ideas Journal 🙂

So, what’s inside and was the cost of P480/month worth it once again?

Let’s take a peek…

Photo 1-15-13, 6 24 30 PM

  1. Pevonia Botanica Phyto Gel Cleanser, 5ml sampler (200ml bottle costs P3640)
  2. Etude House Moistfull Collagen Trial Kit (Emulsion and Freshener), 5ml samplers (150ml bottle costs P628 each)
  3. Pantene Pro-V All Day Smooth Miracle Water 100ml bottle (250ml bottle costs P149)
  4. Burberry Body Eau De Toilette 2ml sampler (60ml bottle costs P3898)
  5. Snoe Beauty Beso Balm full sized product (P149)
  6. Flormar Supershine Nail Enamel full sized product (P99)
  7. Flormar Longwearing Lipstick full sized product (P349)

Other extras:

  1. Tony Moly Brocolli Sprout Cleansing Cream 3g sampler (200ml costs P478)
  2. Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack, 2 sampler packs (80g costs P548)

Gift Cards:

  1. L’Oreal Professionel INOA Hair Color beand X-tenso vouchers redeemable at Azta Urban Salon
  2. Browhaus P500 cash voucher
  3. Tony Moly 10% discount on all skin care, cleansing and pack
  4. Etude House 10% discount on all skin care, cleansing and pack
Dec-Jan BDJ Box Theme

Dec-Jan BDJ Box Theme

One of my 2013 New Year’s Resolution is really to start taking extra care of my skin.  And guess what the theme is for the Dec-Jan BDJ Box? BEAUTY FOR THE BETTER!  It’s all about forgiving oneself for bad beauty habits, tweaking ones beauty routine for the better and getting ready to make 2013 one’s most beautiful year!  What a perfect match!  Bring it on and let’s do this!!!

So is it worth it?  Yes!  I would think so.  With just the Snoe and Flormar full sized products in my box, it basically covered for the cost.  I have yet to try out the products (and I am so excited to try them out!) for me to say if the box is MORE than worth it! 🙂 Wait for my product reviews!

You can view what was inside my November box here.


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My Very First BDJ Box :)

A lot of my friends started asking me about what the BDJ Box is after I included it in my 2012 Christmas wish list, so to those friends, this post is for you — and for girls who love trying out new beauty products, this post is definitely for you 🙂

I learned about the BDJ Box from friends I follow on Instagram. After seeing what they’ve been posting, I got curious and decided to visit their website.  After going thru their site, I knew that I just had to subscribe 🙂  Who wouldn’t want to try out new beauty products???

This is the first box I got. I believe this is their November box but since I subscribed early December, my subscription officially started for the November box. Get what I mean?  Haha!

Anyway, again, here’s my first BDJ Box and its contents 🙂

My November Box

My November Box

What’s inside:

1. Garnier Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream, 20ml worth P99

2. Calvin Klein Beauty Perfume, 1.2ml sampler (100ml bottle costs P5498)

3. Nippon Cleansing Sponge, 2pcs. (10-piece pack costs P325)

4. Shiseido Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam, 2 tubes of 7ml each (150ml tube costs P1850)

5. Shieseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24 Day Cream, 5ml (50ml tube costs P3100)

6. Physiogel Hypo-allergenic Intensive Cream, 50ml worth P517 (this costs more than my whole BDJ Box! How great is that!?!?)

7. L’Occitane Extra Gentle Milk Soap, 2 bars of 25g each (250g bar costs P595)

8. Dentiste Plus White Vitamin C and Xylitol

9. Yuka Non-Acetone Wipes, 35 sheets worth P68

10. L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Multi-Action 8 Cleanser, 5ml tube

11. Garnier Light Complete Whitening Cream, 3 sachets of 8ml each (50ml tube costs P229)

Other extras:

1. L’Oreal Professionel INOA Hair Color and X-tenso vouchers redeemable at Azta Urban Salon

2. Strip Upper Lip Waxing voucher

3. Shiseido FREE product sample, quick facial and 15% discount vouchers (with every purchase, of course. It would have been better if it were outright FREE!)

4. L’Occitane 10% off voucher

Overall, I’m quite happy with this box. The Physiogel Hypo-allergenic Intensive Cream, Nippon Cleansing Sponge and L’Occitane Extra Gentle Milk Soap bars more or less covered the full cost which I paid for the box 😉  I can’t wait to try out all of the products included and I’m definitely looking forward to my December-January box and hopefully it won’t disappoint 🙂

Reviews of the products mentioned above, SOON! 🙂

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