About ME :)

It’s no secret that I love shopping and traveling — among other simple joys in life. 🙂

I really get so excited when my Husband and I have a scheduled trip to the mall.  I get the same feeling of a child being in a toy store. I’m that happy and overjoyed. My husband would always remind me to slow down since I would be so excited to visit all my favorite shops.

Aside from shopping, there are other things I enjoy in life — as what my reminder bracelets states — Travel.  Love.  Dream.  3 things I enjoy doing while keeping in mind the 3 important Ls in life.  I just enjoy my life as it is the only one I’ve got 🙂

So let me share the things that satisfies the girl in me…

Oh!  By the way, I’m from Manila, Philippines.  Happily married to my bestfriend and enjoying life with our 2 adorable dogs 🙂


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