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Look Who Just Got Featured!

Remember my birthday blog post last October 2012? Well, my photo just got featured!


I looooove little surprises like this 🙂


Check out Sakroots Spottings : Instafavorite 🙂

Thanks again Sakroots!


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100612 What I Wore : Happy Birthday To Me!

Last Saturday was my nth birthday. We really didn’t have anything planned (I was too lazy to pack my stuff and go on a trip, haha!). So when my husband asked me what I wanted to do, I knew I wanted to spend the day doing things which I enjoy the most — shopping (of course!) and do nothing (sit around, laze around and watch people go by).

Here is what I wore for my totally laid back birthday 🙂


Denim Vest – Forever 21
White Eyelet Dress – Baby Phat
Sneakers – Converse (Thanks Spamy!)
Bag – Sakroots (Thanks Partner!)
Accessories – River Island, Anarchy Street, Forever 21

Wait for my next post on what actually transpired during my birthday weekend! It was sooo much fun! Definitely the simple joys in my life!

Happy birthday to me!!!


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050512 Dear Husband’s Birthday

The month of May is a month filled with great celebrations!

First up!  My Honeh‘s birthday!  Nothing grand, nothing expensive… just a day spent with each other ❤ ❤ ❤ (and Lexi)

Lunch at Aria, BHS Central — since dogs are not allowed inside the restaurant (major BOO!), we had to stay outside under the scorching heat of Manila.  It’s a good thing the sun decided to hide behind the clouds after a few minutes, which made our dining experience really nice 🙂  The food was soooo yummy!

What we ate/drank : Salami Picante, Carbonara, Carpaccio di Manzo (oh-sooo-yummy!) and Frozen Iced Tea

Then coffee and dessert at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (Lexi’s favorite coffee shop as she’s allowed to go inside.  Coolness to the nth level!  Thank you CBTL!  To respnsible dog owners, please stay RESPONSIBLE so more establishments will start allowing our little ones inside!)

What we ate/drank : Blueberry Cheesecake and Original Ice Blended Drink in Mocha and Caramel

Capping off the night with a yummy Japanese dinner at Omakase, Greenhills.

What we ate/drank : Spicy Tuna Salad, Salmon Sashimi and Oyseter Butteryaki

These are some of our simple joys in life.  Time together.  Eat.  Do nothing. 🙂  BURP!


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

Unfocused.  I love taking photos of my little one, Lexi.  Each time I do, I try my best not to use my camera flash as I don’t want to startle her with the bright light.  So here’s an unfocused shot of her when she celebrated her 3rd birthday last April 27 (read post here).

She is definitely keeping an eye on the pupcake which I have baked for her 🙂

Unfocused photo of a Yorkie who is fully focused on her birthday treat 😉

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Lexi Just Turned 3 :D

Last April 27, 2012 — Our Little One turned 3. *Happiness*

Same as last year, I baked some pupcakes for her (and her sister, Chicklet). If last year’s pupcakes were made of peanut butter, this year, it was made of apples! Yummmmm (Yes, I tasted them as all of the ingredients I used were edible for humans and safe for dogs, hihi…).

I was a little worried that the birthday girl wouldn’t like the apple pupcakes as much as she enjoyed her peanut butter (dogs looooove peanut butter) pupcakes last year. To my surprise, both of them gulped down their share of pupcakes in a matter of seconds! Whoa! I had to ask them to slow down! Maybe the cottage cheese (which I used as ‘frosting’) and carrots made it yummier! 🙂

Of course, birthdays wouldn’t be complete without gifts — her favorite squeaky toys and healthy treats! She’s so spoiled, I know! :*)

Lexi Eating Apple PupcakesHappy Happy Birthday, Our Little One! Here’s to more years of bringing joy into our lives 🙂


1. I love the silicone cupcake trays I got from Gourdo’s last year. They’re sooo easy and convenient to use!


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April 27 is Lexi’s Birthday!

This coming Wednesday, April 27, 2011, it’s Lexi‘s birthday!

She’s turning 2 and I’m planning a party for her 🙂  Yehey!

Here’s my birthday planning checklist to make sure I don’t forget anything on our Little One’s special day…

Have to make sure I don’t miss out on anything!

We’re soooo excited!  It’s going to be F-U-N!

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I Made Someone Smile Today :)

Don’t you just love to be someone’s smile — even if it’s just for the day?  That’s what I did for my dear friend, M 🙂
Today is her birthday and aside from thinking of a gift to send over to her in Canada (finding a gift is one thing, finding someone to bring it over is another :p), I thought it would be nice to surprise her 🙂
Matteo Guidicelli has been her loooong time crush.  She melts whenever she sees a photo of him.  She’s even too shy to follow him on Twitter (Duhness!  Haha!).  And yes, she used to have his photo posted on her computer screen in the office.
So today, I thought of surprising her and sent Matteo a message on Twitter, hoping that he’ll give in to my simple request 🙂



And to my surprise, HE DID — and I think it was Matteo’s very first tweet for the day 🙂 


I am soooo happy I made my dear dear friend smile 🙂

Happy Birthday M!  Have the best year ahead of you!  You deserve it!  Love you!  Mwah!


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