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Flight Cancelled

Yes. You read it correctly. Our flight back to Manila just got cancelled.

Due to the heavy rains in Tagbilaran, our plane from Manila couldn’t land. So here we are back at The Bellevue Resort 🙂


I actually don’t mind staying in Bohol for another night, especially in this great resort 🙂 That means, another night of yummy food, great ambience, relaxing views AND another restful night on a hotel bed (yes, I love hotel beds). Yipeeyayay!

Since I’m back for another night, I decided to take more photos 🙂

Just scroll down to view photos 🙂


Our room for tonight ♥♥♥


The frontage


The Lobby


Flujo Bar - Al Fresco Area


Infinity Pool

This resort is so beautiful, my photos just don’t do it justice. You have to see it yourself!

The Bellevue Resort
Manila 7718181

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Time To Have A Vacation :)

A lot of things have happened in my life the past few months, both good and bad. But at the end of the day, I still thank God for a great life He has given me… a great family who supports me in everything I do and reliable friends whom I can always count on.

After having busy days and sleepless nights, my husband and I finally found the time to get out of our busy schedules and relax. For this, I still thank God for this opportunity.

So this is going to be our home for the next few days…



And with this great view…


I can’t help but fall in love with this place.  This is our 2nd time here and I am still in awe on how beautiful and relaxing this place is…


Definitely a place made for both young and old. See how they made sure they have a play area for kids?



And of course,  I just had to take a photo with this cute giant chess set. Haha!


Thinking of visiting Panglao for some sun, fun and relaxation? Make sure you check out The Bellevue Resort, Bohol — definitely a resort worth visiting! ♥♥♥



Ps. You get that cute puca shell necklace upon arrival at the airport 😉

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

Fleeting Moment.  I took this photo of my husband in Subic last April.  He decided to bike — while I decided to drive (Yes, I’m smart.  Haha!).

Since I was behind the wheel, I had to slow down and take this shot as fast as I could.  Please don’t do this while driving as it is really dangerous — but I’m glad I was able to capture this moment 🙂

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And We Sailed Away…

June 16, 2012. My husband and I, along with some good friends, decided to go sailing. It was a last minute trip which we decided to do on a nothing-much-better-to-do weekend 🙂

We packed our swimming gear and headed to Taal Lake Yacht Club on an early Saturday morning (we left Manila at 6am! Zzzzz…).

It was an easy drive up to Tagaytay with a few stopovers along SLEX to grab some breakfast and coffee.

We got to the Yacht Club at around 9am and since we didn’t want to waste any time, we decided to just go out and start sailing! We rented out a Hobie21 for P4,200 for a whole day of sailing. Woohooo!

Notice my nails? They match the color of my vest and whistle! Love it!

It was really a lot of fun! While the boys sailed, I just sat there, took a lot of photos, enjoyed the view and the breeze on my face. Hihi… That is what I call RELAXATION 🙂

And this was my view for the whoooole day… Haaayyy… Nice huh?

So calm…

See the seagulls? 🙂 🙂 🙂

After being out for an hour, we decided to head back to have our lunch and on our way back, the wind just stopped blowing. Haha! We got stuck in the middle of the lake for around 10 minutes. With nothing else to do, the boys decided to jump into the lake for a swim while the girls took some more photos 🙂

After having lunch and a few minutes of rest, we decided to head back out. The afternoon wind blew stronger which made our Hobie21 sail faster. It was a fun, fun, fuuuuun day! Water splashing all over, strong wind on our faces and Mr. Sun shining oh-so-brightly (equals to major sunburn on my legs! Pfft! Stupidity sucks! Forgot to put sunblock on my legs when I actually covered my face so well with it!)! What a perfect way to spend the day!

My husband had always wanted to learn how to sail and it was really a great experience for both of us, so I guess this is going to be the start of a new sport for the both of us. Let’s see 🙂 Happiness!

Next trip, I’ll bring our Little One with us!

What to wear:

1. Bathing Suit

2. Rash Guard

3. Board Shorts

4. Booties (I wore my skele-toes)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

Top Photo : Beach by the Pawikan Conservation Center
Bottom Photo (L-R) : Mt. Samat, Pawikan Conservation Center, Sisiman Bay

Summer. Living in a tropical country like the Philippines, it almost feels like summer for the whole 365 days of the year. 🙂

But since June is about to kick in, it officialy marks the end of our summer season.  It has started to rain the past couple of days — but nonetheless, as soon as the rain stops, Mr. Sun will be back out shining oh-so-brightly. 🙂

The photo above is what made my Summer 2012 really special.  A random road trip last April 28 to Bataan.  Photo above is a collage of all the places we visited that day. 🙂  Please do visit my previous posts about this road trip (1st stop – Mt. Samat; 2nd stop – Pawikan Conservation Center; 3rd stop – Sisiman Bay).


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April 2012 Road Trip : Last Stop, Sisiman Bay

At around 2:30pm, it was time for us to hit our last stop, The Lighthouse in Sisiman Bay 🙂 I was sooo excited!

Again, relying solely on our Garmin and iPad for maps, off we went to Sisiman Bay. After almost an hour of driving thru smooth and well-paved roads, we have finally reached our destination (Ok, we got lost a bit as there were no visible signs and we took a wrong turn, hehe!). Woohooo! My husband and I were so excited to take photos!

The townspeople informed us that we might not be able to bring down our car close to the bay because of the rocks. So a little trekking is needed — I was totally ok with that 🙂 My husband thought of checking it out first… while I took more photos, hahaha (what a cam-whore!) :p

We parked our car and trekked down the hill. IT. WAS. SOOOO. HOT!!! We trekked the whole stretch in search for a lighthouse. No lighthouse in sight. Hmmm… How can we miss such a big structure?

After a few minutes of trekking, taking photos and enjoying the view, my husband decided to ask some locals who were fishing by the bay. To our surprise, the lighthouse was destroyed last 2011 by typhoons which hit the country. So sad! 😦

See the rock formation? That is where the lighthouse used to stand 😦

You can view old photos of the lighthouse here. Sooo nice! I sure hope they rebuild it someday…

Since there was no lighthouse to take photos of, my husband and I just decided to just enjoy the bay. We put on our skele-toes and got our feet wet. It was soooo relaxing. Summer heat, cool water, splashing waves on rocks… it was PERFECT!

We wanted to wait for sunset as I’m sure it would be picture perfect but I didn’t want to get back to Manila really late as my husband has been driving the whole day. So at around 5pm, we decided to hit the road. We reached Pampanga at around 7:30pm, had dinner at Shakey’s (we wanted to try out a new restaurant while in Pampanga but we were soooo hungry to even look and explore!) and finally hit home by 9:30pm.

It was really a fun and memorable road trip. We’ll definitely do more in the coming months! 🙂

Read previous posts on this road trip here (First Stop, Second Stop)

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April 2012 Road Trip : First Stop, Mt. Samat

If you have been following my blog, I’m sure you already know that my husband and I love to travel — and that includes traveling and exploring the Philippines 🙂

Last April 28 (Saturday), we packed our bags and decided to go on a road trip to Bataan.

First stop, Mt. Samat!

Facts: Mount Samat is found in Pilar, Bataan. At the summit of the mountain, you’ll see Dambana ng Kagitingan (Shrine of Valour) which was built to honor and remember the gallantry of Filipino and American soldiers who fought during the WWII (read more via Wikipedia).

How long did it take us?

The trip from Manila to Mt. Samat took us around 2.5 hours (We left Manila at 6am, had 30 minute breakfast in San Fernando, Pampanga by 730am. Got to Mt. Samat main entrance by 9am). The roads were well maintained which made the trip really relaxing and hassle-free. 🙂

What to see?

When we got to the entrance of Mt. Samat, we paid a total of P60 (P20/pax for locals for museum entrance and P20 for parking — make sure you don’t lose the tickets for the museum!) to get in. We took our car straight to the foot of the cross (you can also choose to walk up via the museum) as it was scorching hot (temperature was at 36 degrees, if I’m not mistaken) last Saturday.

As soon as I stepped out of the car, I was in A-W-E at the sight of the cross. It was huuuuuge (insert duh-ness here!) According to the security guard we talked to, it has 36 floors and around 460+ steps to get up to the wing of the cross. You need not worry as you can take a smooth ride up using the elevator 😉

Warning tho on the trip up… the elevator is kinda small (it can only carry around 6pax at a time). So it may not be for someone who’s claustrophobic (I have minor claustrophobia but I surprisingly survived) or someone who’s afraid of heights.

We paid another P20 (P10/pax) for us to go up to the cross. Once you’re up on the wing of the cross, you’ll see a good view of nearby provinces (and they say, you can also see Metro Manila on a clear day). I definitely enjoyed the view and the cool breeze on top! Breathtaking and ahhhh-mazing! I couldn’t stop myself from taking lots and lots of photos (include day-off shots here, haha!)

After spending some time on top, we decided that it was time for us to visit the altar hall and the museum. You can either walk down from the foot of the cross or just take your car back down. For us, it was the latter 😉

Once you get down, you’ll see the altar hall with huuuuge granite walls and pillars which speaks of the Battle of Bataan. Everything looked so grand! I love the artwork on the ground and how well maintained the whole area was! Impressive!

Look how tiny I looked beside the giant pillars. Again, ahhhh-mazing!

Then don’t forget to visit the museum. The entrance is by a small door to your left when you’re facing the cross. No photos are allowed in there so take time to look at the photos and appreciate the war artifacts found inside. Once more, it’s ahhhh-mazing!

It’s always nice to learn and be reminded about your own country’s rich history. ❤ ❤ ❤

We ended our visit to Mt. Samat at around 11:30am. Next stop, Pawikan Conservation Center 😉

To read more about Mt. Samat and other details, you can visit 😉


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