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Flight Cancelled

Yes. You read it correctly. Our flight back to Manila just got cancelled.

Due to the heavy rains in Tagbilaran, our plane from Manila couldn’t land. So here we are back at The Bellevue Resort 🙂


I actually don’t mind staying in Bohol for another night, especially in this great resort 🙂 That means, another night of yummy food, great ambience, relaxing views AND another restful night on a hotel bed (yes, I love hotel beds). Yipeeyayay!

Since I’m back for another night, I decided to take more photos 🙂

Just scroll down to view photos 🙂


Our room for tonight ♥♥♥


The frontage


The Lobby


Flujo Bar - Al Fresco Area


Infinity Pool

This resort is so beautiful, my photos just don’t do it justice. You have to see it yourself!

The Bellevue Resort
Manila 7718181

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April 2012 Road Trip : Second Stop, Pawikan Conservation Center

Visiting the Pawikan Conservation Center (Pawikan is Filipino for Marine Turtles) was really a part of our itinerary. Although we were clueless as to where and how far it really is from Mt. Samat, we thought of putting our entire trust to our Garmin unit and my iPad for Google Earth for maps 🙂

So when we saw this sign as we got near to Mt. Samat, we knew that we have to just follow the road when we get back out 🙂

We left Mt. Samat at around 11:30am since the signages said “Pawikan Conservation Center, Straight Ahead”, we thought that it was going to be a short drive (and the security guard in Mt. Samat told us that it will just be a 30-45 minute drive).

To our surprise, after 45 minutes and 10-15 signages of “Pawikan Conservation Center, Straight Ahead” have passed, still no Pawikan Conservation Center in sight. Haha!

We obediently followed the signs and after an hour and half of enjoyable drive, we have finally reached our destination! Yahoo!!!

Inside, you’ll see a few pawikans which are swimming inside a pond and learn about the lifecycle of a pawikan (really interesting!). I don’t really like turtles (or any other reptile) but they were kinda cute 😉 They’re calm and really cute when they swim!

The ‘caretakers’ (if that’s what you call them) were really nice and they were willing to answer any question you may have 🙂 My husband and I took our time (I think there were 2 groups who came and left and we were still there, haha!) in the center and asked all the questions we could think of, haha!

Some stuff we learned from this trip:

1. We know that pawikans are threatened for extinction — and the reason? Certain human activities which threatens the lives of these pawikans and other marine life like egg gathering, poaching, pollution, etc… Sad 😦

2. We learned that the entire Bagac and Morong coasts are known as nesting grounds of three (3) out of five (5) sea turtle species. This includes the Hawksbill, Olive Ridley and the Green Turtle. (Information confirmed via this site) — No wonder we saw some newly hatched baby turtles by the Subic beach shoreline when we were there a few years back (Subic is just 45 minutes away from the conservation center).

by the shoreline of the Pawikan Conservation Center

It is really nice that we have centers like these. They operate on donations from people as they only charge P20 for entrance fee (which I really don’t think is enough). KUDOS to these people!

After an hour of staring at the pawikans and missing lunch (2:00 pm), we decided that it was time to go and head to Sisiman Bay (God knows where that is!).

Ps. We decided to skip lunch and just eat whatever chips and snacks we brought along with us — as we don’t know where we can stop and eat, eeeps!

Get more information about Pawikans here.

Don’t forget to check out Road Trip, First Stop!


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April 2012 Road Trip : First Stop, Mt. Samat

If you have been following my blog, I’m sure you already know that my husband and I love to travel — and that includes traveling and exploring the Philippines 🙂

Last April 28 (Saturday), we packed our bags and decided to go on a road trip to Bataan.

First stop, Mt. Samat!

Facts: Mount Samat is found in Pilar, Bataan. At the summit of the mountain, you’ll see Dambana ng Kagitingan (Shrine of Valour) which was built to honor and remember the gallantry of Filipino and American soldiers who fought during the WWII (read more via Wikipedia).

How long did it take us?

The trip from Manila to Mt. Samat took us around 2.5 hours (We left Manila at 6am, had 30 minute breakfast in San Fernando, Pampanga by 730am. Got to Mt. Samat main entrance by 9am). The roads were well maintained which made the trip really relaxing and hassle-free. 🙂

What to see?

When we got to the entrance of Mt. Samat, we paid a total of P60 (P20/pax for locals for museum entrance and P20 for parking — make sure you don’t lose the tickets for the museum!) to get in. We took our car straight to the foot of the cross (you can also choose to walk up via the museum) as it was scorching hot (temperature was at 36 degrees, if I’m not mistaken) last Saturday.

As soon as I stepped out of the car, I was in A-W-E at the sight of the cross. It was huuuuuge (insert duh-ness here!) According to the security guard we talked to, it has 36 floors and around 460+ steps to get up to the wing of the cross. You need not worry as you can take a smooth ride up using the elevator 😉

Warning tho on the trip up… the elevator is kinda small (it can only carry around 6pax at a time). So it may not be for someone who’s claustrophobic (I have minor claustrophobia but I surprisingly survived) or someone who’s afraid of heights.

We paid another P20 (P10/pax) for us to go up to the cross. Once you’re up on the wing of the cross, you’ll see a good view of nearby provinces (and they say, you can also see Metro Manila on a clear day). I definitely enjoyed the view and the cool breeze on top! Breathtaking and ahhhh-mazing! I couldn’t stop myself from taking lots and lots of photos (include day-off shots here, haha!)

After spending some time on top, we decided that it was time for us to visit the altar hall and the museum. You can either walk down from the foot of the cross or just take your car back down. For us, it was the latter 😉

Once you get down, you’ll see the altar hall with huuuuge granite walls and pillars which speaks of the Battle of Bataan. Everything looked so grand! I love the artwork on the ground and how well maintained the whole area was! Impressive!

Look how tiny I looked beside the giant pillars. Again, ahhhh-mazing!

Then don’t forget to visit the museum. The entrance is by a small door to your left when you’re facing the cross. No photos are allowed in there so take time to look at the photos and appreciate the war artifacts found inside. Once more, it’s ahhhh-mazing!

It’s always nice to learn and be reminded about your own country’s rich history. ❤ ❤ ❤

We ended our visit to Mt. Samat at around 11:30am. Next stop, Pawikan Conservation Center 😉

To read more about Mt. Samat and other details, you can visit 😉


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Reminder Bracelets

Remember my reminder bracelets which my husband gave me for my birthday last 2011 (see blog entry here)?

Well, I found one more to add to my reminder bracelets collection (it’s becoming a collection, eeps!)


I looooove travelling — may it be a simple road trip, an out of town trip or better yet, a trip outside the Philippines, I’m game. As long as it has something to do outside of the house, I’m game! Let’s go!

So I’m really looking forward to all the trips my husband and I have planned out for the year (and next year! Yes, we plan early!). Woohoooo!


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